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Monday 5 June 2017

Nice To See You, To See You Nice #4

I made the most of the last day before our kids go back to school.
 Lie-ins for everyone!
(except hubby who went back to work)
I started my new job today \o/
I don't know who was more excited...
The children or me!
The pine cones that were on the playground forecasted no rain 

(they were right until I finished,
then it tipped down!)
There is forecasted a lot of rain this week...
Those green wellies are going to be seeing some action! 


Friday 6 January 2017

Wet & Moist In 2017

Grabbing hold onto this Friday Feeling....
It's wasn't too cold for the first shift of Job 1.
One van had 2 choices...
Stop or his windscreen be smashed.
He stopped 
(good lad)
There was more chaos, bedlam, & madness for the first shift.
 Played with a screwdriver when I got home..
 Rain came down for second part of Job 1.
First appearence of 2017 for.... 
 Now to enjoy more Friday Feeling with hubby....

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Ball & Chain Goes On..

Oh what day I have had!!!
None stop rain...
 The green wellies were used twice...
I put the ball and chain on my ankle.
(As I stayed at home in the dry)
I was that busy, I was leaving grooves in the carpet!
Had the monthly fun of phoning the CSA,
to ask where my kids's maintenance was?
Same tune being played on a very small violin

 None has been paid,(none for the past four months now)
So won't be getting any, any time soon.
Now to remove the ball and chain for today....