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Sunday 18 September 2016

Playing With Our Toys

Woke up far too early for a Sunday
(going to bed at 9.30pm last night didn't help)
Spent much of the morning dragging my ball and chain around the house...
Hubby played with his toy
I played with mine
  Tomorrow, I am baking with apples off my tree...

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Sight For Sore Eyes....

Welcome to my Hump Of the Week.
As Job 3 is taking up the time I do to make the Evening Meal.
I now prepare it ready in the morning.
(good job I haven't any another job that takes my morning away...yet!)
All hubby has to do is meal in microwave...
 This heatwave that suddenly happening when I am doing my jobs isn't helping either.
After Job 1 - I strip the Lumo coat off,(sight for some sore eyes that is!)
Job 2 - developing a nice red sweaty face.
Job 3 - Red sweaty face turn to a nice Beetroot colour.
Then it's time to put the ball and chain back onto my ankle! 

Monday 1 August 2016

Stranger than Fiction

I escaped from the house with the kids.
I left the ball and chain by the front door.
Now for a ride in Larry.
Dropped off the Birthday card I made this morning
 Nearly got took out by a van failing to stop at a junction.
Good job I swerved out of the way!
Got back to apply the ball and chain.
More pink added to Larry..
Now to sit back and watch some Bond..

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Ball & Chain Goes On..

Oh what day I have had!!!
None stop rain...
 The green wellies were used twice...
I put the ball and chain on my ankle.
(As I stayed at home in the dry)
I was that busy, I was leaving grooves in the carpet!
Had the monthly fun of phoning the CSA,
to ask where my kids's maintenance was?
Same tune being played on a very small violin

 None has been paid,(none for the past four months now)
So won't be getting any, any time soon.
Now to remove the ball and chain for today....