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Saturday 1 April 2017

The Sound Of The Smallest Violin Playing...

Welcome to April 1st.
When I saw no maintenance for my kids in my bank account.
I thought it was a  April Fool's Joke!🤡
No fool like a old fool, especially a tight fool...
Hopefully he will pay it on Monday, as he wouldn't want me to take it a step higher with 20% added on each month...
The small violin was heard playing in the background....🎻
When he texted my hubby saying:
"He has no money to get them a Easter egg for Easter."
 The clothes and trainers I have on order for his kids can wait to be paid on Monday then!
My kids did their good deed today.
In their Scout uniform raising much need funds for their Scout group, doing a bag pack at Tescos.
Meanwhile I had a yeaning for...

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Ball & Chain Goes On..

Oh what day I have had!!!
None stop rain...
 The green wellies were used twice...
I put the ball and chain on my ankle.
(As I stayed at home in the dry)
I was that busy, I was leaving grooves in the carpet!
Had the monthly fun of phoning the CSA,
to ask where my kids's maintenance was?
Same tune being played on a very small violin

 None has been paid,(none for the past four months now)
So won't be getting any, any time soon.
Now to remove the ball and chain for today....

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Stab Jacket To The Rescue!!

Welcome to Hump Of the Week.
Last day at job 2. 
As normal my stab jacket saved the impact of being back stabbed again!
I was surrounded by Chocolate Teapots.
I nearly slipped on puddle of crocodile tears,
While I was playing on a very small violin.
Now only got 2 more days left until I have a wonderful 7 week holiday to enjoy.
Not a Chocolate teapot in sight ;p