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Wednesday 15 July 2015

Stab Jacket To The Rescue!!

Welcome to Hump Of the Week.
Last day at job 2. 
As normal my stab jacket saved the impact of being back stabbed again!
I was surrounded by Chocolate Teapots.
I nearly slipped on puddle of crocodile tears,
While I was playing on a very small violin.
Now only got 2 more days left until I have a wonderful 7 week holiday to enjoy.
Not a Chocolate teapot in sight ;p


Wednesday 8 July 2015

A Little Sprinkle Of Sarcasm Works Wonders...

Welcome to the Hump of The Week.
I had to click fingers with some new parents (It's Transition Day)
As they didn't realise I was there to cross them over the road.
I got praised for doing a good job(of keeping alive) and crossing the kids over the very busy road.
The second job I had to put up with Chocolate Teapots once again.
I was being bossed,back-stabbed, and spoken down too.
Gave a bit of overdue Sarcasm back,felt better for it ;P


Wednesday 6 May 2015


I have been having such a bad day.
Dealing with road rage from car drivers.
Chocolate teapots doing less work than me.
After getting wet on my second shift of the day of being a Lolly Pop Lady.
Someone needed my help!
They needed someone with a car to jump start his car.
So here comes the Pink Princess to the rescue!
After a good 5 minute jump start, his car sprang into life.
He said thank you, waved and drove off.
Out of the darkness, I had some sunshine!