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Friday, 2 December 2016

Not Hoping For A Empty Sack...

Had an early night....
Resulted in a early cup of tea..
Back to sleep afterwards....
Woke to find no frost, and not as cold as it has been.
So the thermal knickers were put in the wash.
 Had two bouts of Friday madness from both shifts of Job 1.
So nice to put the polish and duster away for the weekend
 Looking ahead for Xmas
 Good job hubby isn't expecting a lot in his sack, a kiss and a quick grab of his balls if he is lucky....


Friday, 27 November 2015

Make It So...

Woo hoo the weekend is nearly here.
I didn't get round to doing no baking whatsoever!
More talking than anything.
Finally got the Christmas presents bought.
Didn't even have to leave the house either!
I feel sorry for Santa, he is going to have a bad back
after delivering the presents!
Don't worry, I will leave a stiff drink and a homemade mince pie for him on Xmas Eve.
Better start on making the Xmas cards, or they might turn out to Happy 2016 Cards instead!

Monday, 17 August 2015

You Hum, I Play!

I have been so busy today.
First was coffee and chat at Webb's.
Then had to put the back seats down in the Pink Princess.
to pick up some Xmas presents for James.
Fitted them in the car...just!!
Found a good guitar, was tempted to try it out....
I said to a member of staff, you hum it, and I will attempt to play it ;)