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Tuesday 1 May 2018

There Isn't No Hill Big Enough To Mount

After going to bed early last night,
I woke up a bit early....
 Hot Chocolate & a play.
Soon went back to sleep...Zzzz
Cup of coffee much later...
Off for a small walk to visit my friend for coffee & chat...
 There is a underpass with some murals about the near-by Lake.
 Up the road↑↑↑↑
 Dunelm in the distance
 Another underpass to go under.
My friend and I enjoy coffee and yak in her back garden in the sunshine 😎
Light lunch
 Chicken Biryani with salad :)
After dinner, I thanked her for having me, and doing lunch :)
Now to walk home in the sunshine 😎 
 Dunelm & Lidl↑
 Down hill...↘↘↘
  Got back home in 20 minutes.
 Catches up with the newspapers with some mango pieces...
 My other son did some cooking at school.
We got it for tea tonight...:)
 Enjoyed a quick coffee before I dish up tea!
 It tasted devine!
We watched the last half an hour of
Brilliant soundtrack...
I was singing along with the last song featured at the end of the film...
The dark clouds are rolling in
Is it going to be a dry or wet Hump tomorrow?

Saturday 10 February 2018

Adding Extra Warmth To It...

As we had a early night last night...
We were up far too early for a Saturday!
Sat in bed with a cup of tea,
Listening to the Sound of the Sixties..
 Quick play with Gear Stick.
Later on, another ride out...
Stocked up on Valentine's Day supplies
Waited for something...
 Coffee time!↓
 Nice views from the car park...
 Then off to make our Valentine Cards 💓
 At Hobbycraft.
 I waited in the little house outside....
  for my ride to .....
 Nice church on the hill...↓↓
Done a minimum of shopping to get my free coffee and magazine...
Dropped off some gardening magazines at a Charity Shop.
Looked what I picked up that was outside the shop???
That will go with my Lloyd Loom Collection!
Now to do more chop chop for tea.
We swapped the lamb for beef.
I try to add chilli flakes to it,
 the top came off,
and half a jar was added by mistake.....whoops
Everyone was moaning how hot it was except me...
I like it Hot Hot Hot!


Tuesday 30 January 2018

Bye Bye To The Single, Hello To The King!

After going to bed early last night.
I awoke up far too early...
(No surprise there) 
More tossing and turning due to my arm :(
Hubby made a much needed cup of tea :)
 That better :)
Later on, 
Once everyone departed with a 💋
The 70's music was put on...
Now for chop chop..🗡
Puts everything in the slow cooker for tonight.
Made room for my food order...
 Made full use of the free delivery code I had.
Recycle recycle...
The single bed in the living room will leaving us shortly...
(As I am back in the Kingsize bed )
Now looking for a two seater sofa
 Three seater won't fit through the door.
(We tried it before!)
 Had a nice coffee when kids came back from school...
 They (our kids) were grumbling over some of the 70's songs we were listening to while we were eating our tea..
One simple trick!
Turn up the volume! 

Saturday 20 January 2018

I So Fancy A Q.....

We were in bed by 10pm last night.
Early night, up early for tea...
 I wasn't going to attempt to go down the stairs without my kinky black boot.
I whispered in my hubby's ear.
"I so fancy a bit......"
He opened one eye
"a cup of tea...please!"
That's better...
I rewarded him well for it ;)
Had another nibble later...
While hubby was doing my dad's shopping.
He texted me saying "It's snowing!"
  After half an hour it stopped.
Once he was back,
It was time to tidy up our boudoir...
At last we can see the floor, 
Out of the window! 
I will find out on Monday if I need an operation on my left shoulder...
So we are not getting rid of the single bed in our living room just yet....
My situation first my left leg, then my left arm reminds me off...

"One finger, one thumb, one arm, one leg, keep moving
One finger, one thumb, one arm, one leg, keep moving
One finger, one thumb, one arm, one leg, keep moving
We'll all be merry and bright"
Hopefully once I have healed everywhere,
I can get back to work!!! 
We have 3 episodes left of ..
Then we have some great films to watch afterwards....
We won't be able to look away due to the English subtitles.....
Now I fancy a Q...