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Tuesday 1 May 2018

There Isn't No Hill Big Enough To Mount

After going to bed early last night,
I woke up a bit early....
 Hot Chocolate & a play.
Soon went back to sleep...Zzzz
Cup of coffee much later...
Off for a small walk to visit my friend for coffee & chat...
 There is a underpass with some murals about the near-by Lake.
 Up the road↑↑↑↑
 Dunelm in the distance
 Another underpass to go under.
My friend and I enjoy coffee and yak in her back garden in the sunshine 😎
Light lunch
 Chicken Biryani with salad :)
After dinner, I thanked her for having me, and doing lunch :)
Now to walk home in the sunshine 😎 
 Dunelm & Lidl↑
 Down hill...↘↘↘
  Got back home in 20 minutes.
 Catches up with the newspapers with some mango pieces...
 My other son did some cooking at school.
We got it for tea tonight...:)
 Enjoyed a quick coffee before I dish up tea!
 It tasted devine!
We watched the last half an hour of
Brilliant soundtrack...
I was singing along with the last song featured at the end of the film...
The dark clouds are rolling in
Is it going to be a dry or wet Hump tomorrow?