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Saturday 10 February 2018

Adding Extra Warmth To It...

As we had a early night last night...
We were up far too early for a Saturday!
Sat in bed with a cup of tea,
Listening to the Sound of the Sixties..
 Quick play with Gear Stick.
Later on, another ride out...
Stocked up on Valentine's Day supplies
Waited for something...
 Coffee time!↓
 Nice views from the car park...
 Then off to make our Valentine Cards 💓
 At Hobbycraft.
 I waited in the little house outside....
  for my ride to .....
 Nice church on the hill...↓↓
Done a minimum of shopping to get my free coffee and magazine...
Dropped off some gardening magazines at a Charity Shop.
Looked what I picked up that was outside the shop???
That will go with my Lloyd Loom Collection!
Now to do more chop chop for tea.
We swapped the lamb for beef.
I try to add chilli flakes to it,
 the top came off,
and half a jar was added by mistake.....whoops
Everyone was moaning how hot it was except me...
I like it Hot Hot Hot!


Friday 13 October 2017

(Keep Feeling) Fascination

Welcome to the dreaded Friday 13th.
I always have something happen to me on this day....
So needed a pick me up.
Time to B3...
 Christmas will soon be here....🎅

 Pumpkin spiced Latte↓↓
 That would look good in my house ↓↓
 Christmas isn't too far away.....↓↓↓
Always need some pink at Christmas...↓↓
 On the way out, 
I saw a lovely figure made of chocolate!
(lovely price too!
Give me a chocolate orange any day! 

Monday 9 May 2016

Enjoying The Warmth!

Back on the Wobbly work wheel in the sunshine,
My youngest son is starting his SATs exams this week.
Enjoyed a well earned coffee, toast and chat at Webbs.
Popped in to see my mum.
Tidied up her grave, gave her some flowers, and a had good yak.
It didn't look like my brothers had visited.
Just starting to used to stripping off some layers,
Wearing no coat, 
Showing off some white bits.
Now rain is forecasted tomorrow:(
Lets hope we can see more sun soon!

Thursday 5 November 2015

Stop Means Stop!

Another day another dollar..
I had a lovely morning sipping coffee at Webb's in Wychbold.
Now to do my second shift at Job 1.
It was raining heavily.
It was getting dark.
One van driver didn't understand the word Stop.
When he did finally stop, he was jamming his finger to his head.
Telling me I was a nutter for stopping him.
I pointed to the word STOP on my lolly stick.
Two road rage incidents in a week.....
I have high hopes there won't be third...


Monday 3 August 2015

I Want Your Love!

It's back to Monday.
We are still enjoying the school holidays..(Just)
We enjoyed a few hours looking around Webb's.
loads of lovely plants to look at.
I had coffee and cake ;)
My little monkeys were enjoying playing on the play ground.
I was writing notes for the next book.
When I got home, I wrote those notes up. 
I was getting Hot,Hot, Hot, and Horny!
As soon as hubby came home from work, he was dragged upstairs to a warm bed...
That's better!
   Having even more later..!

Monday 13 July 2015

In Need Of Some Batteries....

It's Monday, the final week of work and school.
Typical it has to rain....
This morning I went off to Webbs for a coffee and cake.
I dropped in a Birthday card and Birthday present.
The lucky person will have hours of fun with the present!
I didn't help I forget to enclose the batteries...

Friday 3 July 2015

Pruning Of The Bush!

Woo hoo it's Friday....
Last day of the work wheel...
I went to chill at my normal place
Enjoyed a large Mocha. 
Had time to do some FREE window shopping 
Gasped at some of the prices..
I noticed there was nice fake hedge for sale
Won't have to worry about pruning...;p