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Saturday 14 October 2017

Hello Gorgeous!

I was actually up really early for a Saturday.
Had to get Job 4 done....
(Ran out of time last night)
After a bacon & egg roll, 
Time for a road trip to Worcester to visit..
Some nice Santa candles to get me in the mood for 🎅
lunch time out↓
Lovely blue skies
Nice new addition to our garden↓↓↓
Now for a little visit to...↓
 Some nice Christmas things....
Some nice bed spreads..
and for something to put by the 🛏
I even pimped up my Living room chair....↓
Now to enjoy a glass of something 
while I'm sitting in it!


Friday 13 October 2017

(Keep Feeling) Fascination

Welcome to the dreaded Friday 13th.
I always have something happen to me on this day....
So needed a pick me up.
Time to B3...
 Christmas will soon be here....🎅

 Pumpkin spiced Latte↓↓
 That would look good in my house ↓↓
 Christmas isn't too far away.....↓↓↓
Always need some pink at Christmas...↓↓
 On the way out, 
I saw a lovely figure made of chocolate!
(lovely price too!
Give me a chocolate orange any day!