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Wednesday 31 January 2024

Singing into 2024

You never know, it could be somebody important - Queen Elizabeth II, to a woman whose mobile rang as they chatted.
Welcome to my 2024!
So much has happened this month.
We had a weekend break to Edinburgh before I went back to work...
We visited the castle...
(Hubby realising we are going home tomorrow!)↓↓↓
I have 21 nutcrackers at the last count ↑↑
We visited a charity shop, I started singing along with the music, a couple who was near me, soon moved away and left the shop. I didn't think my singing was that bad, surely?
Finally found a big Dolls House for the Sindys↓
I have been busy collecting Minions↓
I have resigned from one Councillor job from one Parish Council.
Still got the other Councillor job, just sorting out things to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day on the 6th June.
Roll on February...
My leap year 13th Birthday 🎈
Out comes the sequins!
The blog will be updated soon....🤞 




Friday 3 July 2015

Pruning Of The Bush!

Woo hoo it's Friday....
Last day of the work wheel...
I went to chill at my normal place
Enjoyed a large Mocha. 
Had time to do some FREE window shopping 
Gasped at some of the prices..
I noticed there was nice fake hedge for sale
Won't have to worry about pruning...;p