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Saturday, 29 August 2020

Leaving The Cake Out In The Rain

"I was so naive as a kid I used to sneak behind the barn and do nothing," - Johnny Carson
Welcome to my Saturday­čą«
I have the cake being judged later...
Sleepless night doing lots of tossing and turning...
 Hug and brew first.
Out in Sexy Beast↓
 The view from Car Park 7↑
 The view of the church.
We get the balloons,
Go off to enjoy coffee while they are blown up↓

 Back to Sexy Beast↓
I got another Lloyd Loom basket to put all my fabric in↓
Quick peek in the newspaper↓
   With coffee↓
 The cake is ready to be dropped off↓
 Has a late lunch↓
 Catch up on some programmes we taped↓
 Nervous about the judging of my cake↓
Off to the  Redditch LGBTQ Support Services BBQ and to see how my cake has gone on in the LGBTQ Bake Off↓
While the judges added up their marks.
Suddenly started to rain...
I'm not leaving cake out in the rain.
We hurry the cakes indoors ready to hear how everyone got on.
The moon cake came first.
Whoo hoo I came second \o/
All the cakes were then cut up and sold to help with the Pride Event in Redditch next year.
(Over £100 was raised \o/)
I swapped my second place prize of a bottle of white wine for some lovely Avon products.
(As I have been tea-total for 7 years)
We all had a great chat.
I was so proud of finishing second...
 Then off to do our food shopping↓
 Pity I don't drink↑
 I got one already↑
Gets back,
Gives my neighbour his shopping.
Unpacks ours.
Nice beefburgers in a bun for tea.
I put my Certificate next to our wedding photo in the hall↓
I was asked to make some black facemasks for a dear friend.
The only black material I had featured red dots on...
Off to Dunelm tomorrow, as younger son wants some black facemasks for school.
More of NYPD Blue↓
With some sleep tea↓
 Off for some walking tomorrow to walk off the cake I ate!

Sunday, 8 September 2019

A Hard Day's Night!

A true friend is one who stabs you in the front - Oscar Wilde
Hubby smelt so nice,
Once the candle had melted...

 Then off to sleep....
However I woke up at 3am....
Couldn't sleep...
Downstairs I went...
 Nice cup of tea↓
Back to bed at 5am.
I woke up for a nice cup of tea in bed!
I got a Lloyd loom linen basket off Facebook marketplace.
We am going out to pick it up.
 The car in front of us, didn't realise there was a sensor on the traffic lights,so we had to wait five minutes for the lights to change to green
 Google maps directed to the Dove Cote to pick up the LLoyd Loom!
 Once we got back on the right road,
We found the house.
Picked up the nice Lloyd Loom....
Now to nip in for some free coffee and newspaper..↓
 The things in the reduced bin↓
 There was a nice car in the car park↓
 I found some shopping notes on the trolleys↓
 Time for coffee and nibble↓
 Next onto Home Bargains & Lidl↓
Shopping done.
Back home↓
 Unloaded the shopping. 
Then to check the tyres on Sexy Beast↓
Gets back to fill up the Lloyd Loom....with felt↓
 Very late lunch, early tea↓
It would have been Peter Sellers's 94th Birthday today.
One of my favourite films of his is:
 Now for some house work.
Tumble drier was emptied,
Then filled up,
And put back on again.
So the washing machine goes back on.
Gets my things ready for my jobs for tomorrow!
Everyone has their showers.
Dragon's Den time!
School uniforms all ready.
Time to use more Candle!