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Sunday 8 September 2019

A Hard Day's Night!

A true friend is one who stabs you in the front - Oscar Wilde
Hubby smelt so nice,
Once the candle had melted...

 Then off to sleep....
However I woke up at 3am....
Couldn't sleep...
Downstairs I went...
 Nice cup of tea↓
Back to bed at 5am.
I woke up for a nice cup of tea in bed!
I got a Lloyd loom linen basket off Facebook marketplace.
We am going out to pick it up.
 The car in front of us, didn't realise there was a sensor on the traffic lights,so we had to wait five minutes for the lights to change to green
 Google maps directed to the Dove Cote to pick up the LLoyd Loom!
 Once we got back on the right road,
We found the house.
Picked up the nice Lloyd Loom....
Now to nip in for some free coffee and newspaper..↓
 The things in the reduced bin↓
 There was a nice car in the car park↓
 I found some shopping notes on the trolleys↓
 Time for coffee and nibble↓
 Next onto Home Bargains & Lidl↓
Shopping done.
Back home↓
 Unloaded the shopping. 
Then to check the tyres on Sexy Beast↓
Gets back to fill up the Lloyd Loom....with felt↓
 Very late lunch, early tea↓
It would have been Peter Sellers's 94th Birthday today.
One of my favourite films of his is:
 Now for some house work.
Tumble drier was emptied,
Then filled up,
And put back on again.
So the washing machine goes back on.
Gets my things ready for my jobs for tomorrow!
Everyone has their showers.
Dragon's Den time!
School uniforms all ready.
Time to use more Candle!


Wednesday 14 August 2019

How Much For A Wreath?

With enough courage,you can do without a reputation - Margaret Mitchell
Welcome to a wet, soggy Hump of the Week 🐫🐪
I enjoyed a hug and a cup of tea 🍵
  I gave my hubby a sloppy 💋 before he left the house.
Opened the curtains and windows of my kids.
I was dressed and downstairs by 8.30am,
As the man was picking up the hire 9am.
Coffee and nibbles while I wait↓
 I did wrote yesterday's blog post while I was waiting. By ten am, I needed to get some more milk!
Oh dear it's raining...
 Hopefully my CD cleaner will arrive today,
So I can hear my CD again!
Nice view of the car park at Morrisons
 It was still raining when I got home!
 An hour later, I had to get another Lloyd Loom box for my wool collection.
I had a quick look at the newspaper before I got wet getting to my front door
Now full of wool↑
Coffee and toast time↓
Painting time again.
My youngest son was starting his newspaper round today.
Newspapers arrived.
The man came for the keys to the Hire Car.
Funny looking 9am!!!
Once I had painted the Airing Cupboard doors.
Light Lunch Time.
I watched two episodes of 
Then off to the happy place called work.
I chatted with co-worker about Pom Pom wreaths. He said "I could make some money from selling them." 
I replied,"Mmm, but then again, I could be stuck with them, as people would them for almost nothing" :( 
Example Pom Pom Wreath↓
I gets back to start on the evening meal.
 Tea is served↓
Yummy Meatballs
More of Law and Order.
Then off to work...
It had stopped raining \o/
With some great music↓
 Once I had finished,
I had a good three parter Law and Order to watch..
It didn't help the channel I was watching the three parter only showed two episodes!
It jumped the final episode of the 3 !!!!!
Not happy about that...;(
Now will have to surf the net for the final episode!!!
Down to work off the mood with hubby! 🐫