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Saturday 11 January 2020

Not Going Back To That!

Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted - Martin Luther King Jnr
Welcome to my weekend.🎈
As normal, my bodyclock woke me up at 6.50am...
Up I got, left sleeping beauty alone...
Off downstairs to have tea, listen to the Sound of the 60s  and catch up with blog!
 Sleeping beauty rose about 8am.
I blew him a πŸ’‹..
(he is still have the chest infection)
Once we got all changed,
It was drop one son off at his boxing lesson,
The rest of us seeing my dad in hospital.
 It's expensive to park in the car park at the hospital for too long↓
My dad was looking a lot better.
Except he was feeling cold,
Low blood pressure.
After nearly an hour,
We needed coffee↓
 That's better!
It cost us £2.50 to get out of the car park!
Now onto B&M for a bulk load of kitchen towels↓
 Then we nipped into Sainsburys to get some points on our nectar card
 30 items for £22.
Back home to unload.
Nice light lunch↓
 Off to Asda to get some more Pjs for my dad↓
 While we travelling to Lidl's,
All the fans came out of the nearby football ground.The Police were keeping the rival fans separate, some brave fans were walking in the road in front of the moving cars...
Now to do some of our shopping here↓
 Then off to Aldi to get the rest↓
*I'm not going back to that type of phone!*
 My hubby's bank card was declined twice!
My card wasn't declined!
Thank God!
On the way home,
We heard a tune from 1947..↓.
(My son didn't like it)
 We gets back home to unpack the shopping.
Meatballs and spaghetti↓
 Mary Jane Blige is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and philanthropist.She is 49 years old🎈
We caught up on the television we missed last week.
Graham's guests are Daniel Radcliffe and Alan Cumming, stars of Endgame on the West End, Miriam Margolyes on new Call the Midwife, Sharon Horgan, on new film Military Wives, and singer Craig David.
While watching the news,
Suddenly there was a lovely looking man appeared!
(It's the beard!!!!)
 Yum Yum!
Back to Law and Order we go to..
Then off to drag a hubby off to the Kingsize...


Sunday 15 December 2019

Making The Most Of The Bargains....

If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it - J.P Morgan
I was up before 8am...
The washing machine went on,
I enjoyed a cup of tea,
Now to catch up with MY programme while everyone else was sleeping...
  After watching the episode about Christmas Wreaths, everyone got up!
I put the Christmas Wreath on the front door..↓
I put on my Santa hat with the bells... 
Now off for a little ride....↓
 First stop was to visit Aldi's↓
 We had to visit Morrison's next door to get some more things.
We got lots of reduced food...↓
 Next I visited Argos to pick up another ottoman to put more linen in from the Airing Cupboard↓
 We popped into Sainsburys to see if they had any reduced food!
We gets back home↓
 The  new festive door mat↓
 My new waterproof gloves arrived for my Lollipop job↓
 As I am tired of soggy gloves after it has rained!
I put some dubbin' on my boots too↓
 I tidied up the Dining Room.
Emptied the tumble drier twice.
(The washing machine has been on 4 times today, and there is still more washing to do!)
Hubby filled up one ottoman,
Came downstairs and refused to put any more linen in the other ottoman!
 I will do it later on!!!
Sorts out 3 bags of clean towels, cloths, tea towels, and dusters for my three jobs tomorrow!
 Dave Clark, English rock drummer (Dave Clark 5) is 80 years old 🎈
Now for some↓
with a nice tea↓
 Getting ready to mount the Wobbly Work Wheel 🎑 tomorrow \o/


Saturday 30 November 2019

Putting It Down!

If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style 
- Quentin Crisp
Welcome to the start of my weekend🎈
As the norm, I was up early,
But not that early....
I caught up with the final hour of "Sounds of the 60s" with a nice cup of tea in bed!
 We have a nice snuggle in bed.
We all got up and out in the cold...
 It was nice to get some bargains↓
 Then we popped into the nearby Co-op↓
 Then down to Studley after I dropped off one of my sons at his boxing lesson
 We visited the local Charity Shop.
(Got some bargains!)
Followed by a much needed coffee in the near-by coffee shop↓
 I showed hubby and my other son, where I do my lollypop 🍭 job twice a day↓
 Gets back to car
(via a short cut)
Picked up son from his boxing lesson.
Quick lunch..
Sir Ridley Scott, English film director (Alien, Blade Runner) is 82 years old 🎈
We then went off for a road trip to Alcester.
 Someone picked up a tin in a Charity Shop we were in.
(I said to myself, put it down, put it down)
She did!
Woo hoo!
I swooped in and got it!
I got the kitchen tool to help unrelease lids on jars!
We nipped into Waitrose↓
 Private Eye front cover↑↑↑
Some nice big big sunglasses↓
 We got a free coffee and free newspaper.
 The moon is out↑
 It was getting dark when we got home↓
 I got myself an advent calender↓
 I made a really tasty Califlower Cheese↓
I caught up my blogs of the week.
I also caught up with:
We had our late night of the weekend...
Hopefully we catch up with The Irishman tomorrow...