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Saturday 17 October 2020

Going Down To My Old Stomping Ground...

"After all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done!" -
The weekend is finally here 🎈
We had a bit of lie-in.
Brew and Hug first.
Followed by breakfast.
We all get dressed.
Time to drop off son at boxing lesson a bit early.
Once dropped off.
We go down to Studley....
I delivered the mail for 19 years in Studley.
We first shopped in the Co-op and got some nice reduced food.
Dropped it back in the car.
We visited the Charity Shop and got some bargains....
Picked up a takeaway coffee on the way back to car.
I said hello to my spot of Lollypop.
While hubby waited for son to come out of his Boxing lesson. 
Me and youngest son went to see Joe in Omega Theapies.
Back home to drop off all the shopping and bargains we picked up.
Then off out to AP Meats for our monthly meat order.
I decided to nip into:
I got a nibble and drink to keep us going until lunch.
When we gets home.
My bulk order of Sleep Tea has arrived.
My order from Prime Day arrived.
I got £10 off it \o/
We have a light lunch.
Now to go out food shopping.
We visited Lidl and Home Bargains.
Then Aldi.
Gets back home.
Gives neighbour his shopping.
Unpacks ours.
We have a nice chicken and rice for tea.
Quick look in the newspaper afterwards.
Gary Puckett, American pop vocalist (Gary Puckett & The Union Gap) is 78 years old 🎈
Levi Stubbs (born Levi Stubbles) was an American baritone singer, best known as the lead vocalist of the R&B group the Four Tops, who released a variety of Motown hit records during the 1960s and 1970s. He has been noted for his powerful, emotional, dramatic style of singing. He died on this day in 2008 aged 72. 
 Now to carry on with NYPD Blue season 11.
With some sleep tea.
Off to a warm bed with wamer hands 


Saturday 25 January 2020

Plenty Of Me To You!

My last credit card bill was so big, before I opened it I actually heard a drum roll - Rita Rudner
Welcome to a painful Saturday!
I managed to hear the last hour of "The Sounds of 60s".
I soaked my right foot in the bath to ease the pain!
My ankle was a nice colour of black and blue!
Time for tea and nibble!
  I rubbed some stuff onto my bruised ankle.
Got dressed.
Gave hubby a big sloppy 💋
And off I went to do my final job of the day.
With some great music:
 When I got home...
It was bacon time↓
 After one son was took to his boxing lesson.
The other son rose from his pit.
He too had a bacon sandwich.
We left the house...
We picked up son from his boxing lesson.
Now to do some charity shop visiting..
My lollipop spot is still there↓
 Not much in the one Charity shop we visited.
Now off to Alcester...
 We got some right bargains from the Charity Shops.
We nipped into Waitrose↓
 We got the free coffee and newspaper↓
 Off to have a look around Sainsbury's to get some Nectar points↓
 One great magazine↓
 Now off to wash hubby's car in the car wash↓
 Dropped in my dad's newspaper.Back home to unpack some lovely things we got from the Charity Shops in Alcester↓
My dressing table is now full of Me to You Bears↓

 Nice Chinese meal↓
Now to catch up with last week's telly↓
 Together on Graham Norton's sofa, Robert Downey Jr, Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie and Terry Gilliam. Plus singer Sara Bareilles performing She Used to Be Mine.
 Then to watch one of the DVDs we bought today.
(I last watched it on video)↓
 Quick look in the Birthday File:
Christopher Ryan [Papazoglou], English actor & comedian (The Young Ones, Only Fools and Horses),is 70 years old 🎈
 Andy Cox, British guitarist (The Beat & Fine Young Cannibals) is 64 years old 🎈
Demis Roussos, Greek singer and performer died aged 68 in 2015
Sir John Hurt CBE  was an English actor whose career spanned more than 50 years.He died aged 77 in 2017.
 Now to hobble back to a warm bed....


Saturday 28 December 2019

Trying To Get Comfortable On The ......

You can't have everything.I mean where would you put it? 
- Steven Wright
I slept on the sofa last night...
(Due to hubby not being well, and I don't want to catch it!) 
He is slowly getting better...
I was awake by 6am....
Time for a cup of tea, crumpet and "Sounds of the 60s"
  Unloaded the dishwasher,
Loaded it back up.
Washing machine and Tumble drier were put on as well.
I went back to sleep for a bit.
A hour later, hubby was up with a cup of coffee for me....
I was going out on a road trip...
Kids up, dressed.
I blew a 💋 to my hubby.
Out on the road trip we go...
 Let's try out the new CD↓
First stop to visit the Charity shop in Studley.
 Nothing in there...
Back on the road trip we go...
 We finish up in Alcester↓
 Off to look around the Charity Shops..

 We got lots of lovely things.
My youngest son bought his first copy of Big Issue..
We popped into Waitrose for the free newspaper and coffee.
There was some nice reduced items...↓
 Nice, but I couldn't afford it..
I could just afford this instead↓
Enjoyed my coffee↓

 More good music to listen to on the way round to drop the newspaper around to my dad's..
We pick up his shopping list..
Back home to unpack my bargains
 Quick lunch↓
 Back out to do my dad's shopping
I pick up some bargains on the wool.
To finish off the turkey, I am doing a Gordon Ramsey receipe....
Once we did Aldi,
The great music carried on playing..
Now on to Morrisons..↓
 Drops off my dad's shopping.
I go back home to unload the wool I bought from Aldi's↓
Now to use up the last of our Turkey from Christmas Day.
Nice recipe from Gordon Ramsey...
Turkey,Ham and Leek Pie
So yummy.
Dame Maggie Smith is an English actress is 85 years old 🎈
Charles "Chas" Hodges, English musician (Chas & Dave). He would have been 76 years old 🎈
He died aged 74 in 2018
Denzel Washington, American actor is 65 years old 🎈 
Back to sofa sleeping as the red cross has put on our bedroom door...
 I wouldn't normally sofa sleep but I don't really want to catch the lurgy!