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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Trying To Keep The Cold Bits Warm!

You probably wouldn't worry about what people think of you if you could know how seldom they do - Olin Miller
Welcome to my Thursday🎈
Could the schools be closed down soon?
I enjoyed my a warm hug and a cup of tea↓
 I gave everybody their sloppy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Before I left the house↓
 It was freezing cold.
My tree pic↓
  I told one man who asked me if I was warm enough?
I replied,"I will be wearing these thermals for a long time yet, you can never have cold bits!"
He laughed.
Another man was moaning about the books in the local library. I suggested some Stephen King.He doesn't like horror.
"What about James Herbert? He does some great books!"
I left him with a food for thought!
Still some cars don't understand the word Stop! 
I finished in one piece...JUST!
I filled up Sexy Beast  
 I had a nice light lunch↓
 Now for more singing along...↓
I had a look in the newspaper↓
 Clarence "Frogman" Henry, American pianist and singer (Ain't Got No Home).He is 83 years old🎈
 Ruth Pointer  is an American R&B/Soul singer and eldest member of the vocal group The Pointer Sisters.She is 74 years old🎈 
Terry Hall is an English musician and the lead singer of The Specials, and formerly of Fun Boy Three, The Colourfield, Terry, Blair & Anouchka and Vegas.He is 61 years old 🎈

 I looked over the fields of fun↓
 Only two days left of dishing up the school dinner.
When I left I had a nice red face.
Back to some more singing along↓
 The bin must have had something to drink↓
 Quick coffee...
Then back out...
Some of the cars were still failing to stop.
I survived for my last day tomorrow.
I gets back home.
Off to the Happy Place Of Work 
With some great music↓
Back home for some nice tea↓
We nipped into Aldi to get some flowers for my mum for Mothering Sunday↓
 There was no bread, jam or meat on the shelves. I am glad I got the flowers!
When I got back,
I went down to do the final job of the day with some great music↓
By the time I got back...
My rollers were so hot hot hot... 
 My final day at two of my jobs tomorrow.
At least the Friday Feeling is returning...🎈

Sunday, 15 March 2020

How Many Boxes????

Beauty is only skin deep, ugly to the bone - Murphy's Law
We had a bit of a lie-in.
It was nice to have a warm hug and a cuppa↓ 
 We still had loads of boxes to sort through.
I needed a break!
Off to do some food shopping↓
I bumped into an ex-co-worker who I used to work with at 
 If it got any worst with panic buying, and soldiers would be called out. She would argue with a soldier with a loaded gun if she had too, she told me.
Good luck with that! I told her.
There was a nice sewing machine for sale↓
 I have two, I don't need a third!
We go into Lidl and there is no pasta, bread or toilet roll again.
I bump into a good friend trying to find some dried spaghetti.
We get the shopping home.
Something has to come out of the freezer..
Why leave it to go to waste?↓
 I sorted all the things I need for my the Wobbly Work Wheel 🎑
So many boxes to sort out.
The Plumber is coming out next Saturday to fit the dishwasher and washing machine.
We all went to bed early,
As Monday's are the most tiring day of the week! 

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Trying Something Different!

The producer said,"How are you feeling?"
Tommy Cooper,"I'm feeling a bit funny."
The producer replied,"Well,get out there before it wears off." 
-Tommy Cooper
Welcome to my Sunday🎈
I woke up too early for Sunday!
 Time for tea and nibble↓
  I had a hot shower.
Followed by breakfast.
Hubby appeared from his warm pit.
Just after 9am, my Birthday request was read out on the radio for next Saturday🎈🎈🎈🎈 
Washing machine and tumble drier were put on.
Only ran out of vinyl wrap for the sideboard my late mum gave me....
It might end up looking like this↓
(I should be so lucky!)
Off to do some shopping↓
 More nice paint in↓
 The Anti Snore pillow to put over the offending nose!!!↓
 Had to get a few bits from Morrisons↓
 Coffee and nibble↓
 Going to look into somewhere good↓
 Plenty of garlic↑
 Plenty of cake↑
The man behind the till couldn't believe I was English buying foreign food from Poland!
"We have meats from Poland,Hungary, Russia, & Romania, fresh in on Tuesday & Thursday!"
"I will be back!" I replied.
We got home to unpack our bits and pieces↓
 From Aldi↑↑
  Yum yum↑
Light lunch↓
 Then off to check Sexy Beast's tyres↓
When I got back,
I opened another fortune cookie from yesterday↓
"You Like To Party!"
Blog updated. 
I got things ready for tomorrow.
All stuff for all of the jobs...
While tea was in the oven...
Birthdays time:
Alan Ford is an English actor. He is best known for his roles in the Guy Ritchie crime capers Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and from guest starring in The Bill.He is 82 years old 🎈
Tea is ready!
Once ate,
We watch a great programme that has been on my planner on my Sky Box which needs to be rewatched..↓
 Everyone got their bits and pieces ready for work and school for tomorrow.
I packed my things ready for mounting that Wobbly Work Wheel 🎑 tomorrow.
I quite got used to being the Lady of leisure last week🎈


Saturday, 28 December 2019

Trying To Get Comfortable On The ......

You can't have everything.I mean where would you put it? 
- Steven Wright
I slept on the sofa last night...
(Due to hubby not being well, and I don't want to catch it!) 
He is slowly getting better...
I was awake by 6am....
Time for a cup of tea, crumpet and "Sounds of the 60s"
  Unloaded the dishwasher,
Loaded it back up.
Washing machine and Tumble drier were put on as well.
I went back to sleep for a bit.
A hour later, hubby was up with a cup of coffee for me....
I was going out on a road trip...
Kids up, dressed.
I blew a πŸ’‹ to my hubby.
Out on the road trip we go...
 Let's try out the new CD↓
First stop to visit the Charity shop in Studley.
 Nothing in there...
Back on the road trip we go...
 We finish up in Alcester↓
 Off to look around the Charity Shops..

 We got lots of lovely things.
My youngest son bought his first copy of Big Issue..
We popped into Waitrose for the free newspaper and coffee.
There was some nice reduced items...↓
 Nice, but I couldn't afford it..
I could just afford this instead↓
Enjoyed my coffee↓

 More good music to listen to on the way round to drop the newspaper around to my dad's..
We pick up his shopping list..
Back home to unpack my bargains
 Quick lunch↓
 Back out to do my dad's shopping
I pick up some bargains on the wool.
To finish off the turkey, I am doing a Gordon Ramsey receipe....
Once we did Aldi,
The great music carried on playing..
Now on to Morrisons..↓
 Drops off my dad's shopping.
I go back home to unload the wool I bought from Aldi's↓
Now to use up the last of our Turkey from Christmas Day.
Nice recipe from Gordon Ramsey...
Turkey,Ham and Leek Pie
So yummy.
Dame Maggie Smith is an English actress is 85 years old 🎈
Charles "Chas" Hodges, English musician (Chas & Dave). He would have been 76 years old 🎈
He died aged 74 in 2018
Denzel Washington, American actor is 65 years old 🎈 
Back to sofa sleeping as the red cross has put on our bedroom door...
 I wouldn't normally sofa sleep but I don't really want to catch the lurgy!