Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday 14 August 2019

How Much For A Wreath?

With enough courage,you can do without a reputation - Margaret Mitchell
Welcome to a wet, soggy Hump of the Week 🐫🐪
I enjoyed a hug and a cup of tea 🍵
  I gave my hubby a sloppy 💋 before he left the house.
Opened the curtains and windows of my kids.
I was dressed and downstairs by 8.30am,
As the man was picking up the hire 9am.
Coffee and nibbles while I wait↓
 I did wrote yesterday's blog post while I was waiting. By ten am, I needed to get some more milk!
Oh dear it's raining...
 Hopefully my CD cleaner will arrive today,
So I can hear my CD again!
Nice view of the car park at Morrisons
 It was still raining when I got home!
 An hour later, I had to get another Lloyd Loom box for my wool collection.
I had a quick look at the newspaper before I got wet getting to my front door
Now full of wool↑
Coffee and toast time↓
Painting time again.
My youngest son was starting his newspaper round today.
Newspapers arrived.
The man came for the keys to the Hire Car.
Funny looking 9am!!!
Once I had painted the Airing Cupboard doors.
Light Lunch Time.
I watched two episodes of 
Then off to the happy place called work.
I chatted with co-worker about Pom Pom wreaths. He said "I could make some money from selling them." 
I replied,"Mmm, but then again, I could be stuck with them, as people would them for almost nothing" :( 
Example Pom Pom Wreath↓
I gets back to start on the evening meal.
 Tea is served↓
Yummy Meatballs
More of Law and Order.
Then off to work...
It had stopped raining \o/
With some great music↓
 Once I had finished,
I had a good three parter Law and Order to watch..
It didn't help the channel I was watching the three parter only showed two episodes!
It jumped the final episode of the 3 !!!!!
Not happy about that...;(
Now will have to surf the net for the final episode!!!
Down to work off the mood with hubby! 🐫




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