Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 23 August 2019

At Least The Bird Is Singing This Time!

Life is a mirror.If you frown at it,it frowns back; if you smile it returns the greeting - William Makepeace Thackeray
Woo hoo 
It's back 🎈
Lots to get for the return back to school in 2 weeks time!
(Where has the time gone???)  
I had a lovely hug and cup of tea in bed↓
  Nice t-shirt to put on..↓
 With Spiderman Earrings.
Finally got the kids up!
Now to get out for a ride in Sexy Beast.
 It's getting warm↗↗↗
Time to get some school uniform↓

 I recognised one of the mothers in there, as a old school friend. Who got in touch in 2013, and asked how much would I charge to make an Aston Villa Birthday cake for her son.
(Like I made my son for his 8th Birthday)
 I said "£30."
She said her son didn't want a cake.
Found out later, her Aunt had done him a swimming cake for nothing.
Oh well.....
Back to buying the new uniform.
2 bits of uniform = £44
Now off to town to get more...
View from Car Park 4
 Visits the Uniform Bank,
Gets a large pe top and shorts for one of my sons.
We visit the food man on the market.
He is playing some good tunes...
 He then put another song,
Which my youngest remarked...
"Is this you know who?"
"It is!"
While my kids printed off some homework.
I caught up on the newspaper
 We got a new pair of size 12's school shoes.
They didn't have another pair for the other son...
The size 13 pe trainers wasn't very comfortable either.
I need a coffee now...↓
 Quick read and drink of coffee,
Before we leave↓
 It's getting warm now↗↗↗
 Early lunch↓
It was too late to do any painting!
Unloaded the dishwasher 
Loaded it back up.
I got some size 12 new shoes off Ebay.
I put a offer in for some size 13 pe trainers.
The man wants the auction to end and declined my two offers...
*I won another pair instead.*
(I will see the trainers stop at the price he put the trainers on, when the auction finishes)
The covers for two light switches came.
Now off to a happy place of work.
I didn't realise it was that hot when I got back home and was all nice and sweaty!
 Sucky time!
 Hubby came back from work early.
Nice hug and big 💋 for him.
While he went to do my dad's shopping.
The bird went in.....
Law and Order went on...
 Moved onto season 16 now
The bird started singing...
(Makes a change from me!) 
 Now off to do the final job of the week,
With some good music↓
 It was nice to take off my shoes...
I enjoyed one more episode of:
with some sleep tea...
Then off to bed for some snuggles and more....💋💋💋💋 



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