Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday 21 August 2019

Never The Twain!

The past is never where you think you left it - Katherine Anne Porter
Welcome to my Hump of the Week🐪
Playing with lots of white paint today!
Nice hug and tea to start the day.
 I gave hubby a big hug and a sloppy wet 💋 before he left the house.
I enjoyed a coffee with vitamin C↓
 Once yesterday's blog post was wrote and published.
I had a quick look in the newspaper.
 Now to paint all the radiators in the house.
  All had one coat of paint added to them.
Younger son did his paper round.
While the radiators were drying.
Early lunch!
 Added a second coat of paint to all the radiators.
 I got changed to go the the happy place of work.
 I took in the cleaning supplies
Some co-workers were talking about men, boyfriends and husbands.
The answer one replied to the other one not having a man at the moment was:
"Never the Twain shall meet!"
I got home to get the evening meal ready 
 We had a Roast Chicken dinner.
It cost me £5 to feed us four!
Caught up on some:
Off to work with some good music..
Caught up with the final part about Jade Goody.
 Now to use some  Hump 🐫....


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