Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 20 August 2019

Stuck For Time!

The future depends on what you do today - Mahatma Gandhi
Welcome to my Tuesday.
The plan is to get lots done in the house!
(I was hoping as normal!)  
 Had the warm hug and tea to start the day!
I gave hubby a wet 💋 and hug before he left the house.
I meanwhile had to get some more milk,
As no coffee for me during the day otherwise!
 At least the temperature is going up↗↗↗
My favourite kitchen cleaner is on offer at Morrisons....↓
A new kitchen bin too!
Quick nibble of toast and coffee↓
I put all the things back on the bathroom shelves.
The bathroom cabinet looks nice after being painted↓ 
 I got yesterday's blog post wrote and posted.
Light lunch time.↓
Read some of today's newspaper↓
 By the time I loaded up the dishwasher,
*There was no time to paint!*
(It's going to be tomorrow now!)
I caught up with one episode of:
Before going to the happy place of work!
 I have my deliveries to help upgrading the house!

I gets back and puts the evening meal on.
Hubby had a nice big hug and a big 💋 on his forehead when he came home.
After tea,
We left the house to do more food shopping↓ 
First stop was back to Morrisons to get some cleaning supplies for my jobs.
Next to a very quiet Lidl. 
 We got a box of fruit and veg for £1.50!
They are "Too Good To Waste".
 We got back home.
Unpacked the shopping.
Off to my final job with some great music!
Once I got back,
I caught up with the news...
I had to drag a tired hubby off to a warm bed...... 

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