Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 12 August 2019

Punching The Face Of Monday!

That which you believe becomes your world - Richard Matheson
Welcome aboard my small wobbly work wheel 🎡
 Mmmmm tea in bed 🛏
I gave my hubby a wet sloppy 💋 before he left the house.
Nice t-shirt for this Monday↓
 While I was waiting for our kids to get ready,
I enjoyed coffee with vitamin C↓
 Finally getting out of the house!
 A bit cold for August↑
My CD player is now playing up,
I have to listen to the radio instead!! :(
Nice view from car park 4↓
 Looking down↓
 One of my sons went to have his haircut.
I went into the Library,
To write out a Birthday Card for a good friend who has also joined the "47 Club".
I didn't have no change for the coffee machine, so I had to find another Boost!
I had a quick look at the newspaper.
I discovered it was the 77th Birthday of Mike Hugg the drummer of Manfred Mann on Sunday.
(As you well know, I really like Manfred Mann.
It would be so right to celebrate Mike Hugg's Birthday. The song is at the end of this blog he didn't really like, but I do!)
Light Lunch time↓
 I watched a bit more↓
Then off to work I go.
It was so nice to have a sucky when I got back.
 I had a early tea, and got changed for my Self Defence Course.
 I put on some good Boxing gloves and had  good go at using them too!
Afterwards I had a good chat with one of the ladies on the course. Such a good yak, the moon had come up, and it was getting cold!
I gets back home, and straight to do my last job of the day.
With some good music↓
 The moon was nice and bright when I left work↓
 I enjoyed sleep tea and nibble before bed↓
Now off to rub my cold hands all over the warm body of my hubby's!


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