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Saturday 21 October 2023

Happy Birthday Manfred!

 When all else fails, and the instructions are missing, kick it -
Welcome to my busy Saturday 👅
Breakfast and Brew.
Listened to "The Sound of the 60s"
UK Top 3 from 1969.
3 - Lou Christie - I'm Gonna Make You Mine.
2 - Bobbie Gentry - I'll Never Fall In Love Again
1: The Archies - Sugar, Sugar.
My new trainers arrived.
The rainbow shoe laces went in!
Now to leave the house with younger son.
(Hubby went off to get some new parts for his car, that was going to be fitted by a good friend)
Drops younger son off at work.
Now for me to look around Morrisons...
Will wait for No.4 to come out on DVD.
Tried to use my voucher for my newspaper, the red light kept going off. I was advised to go to the Cigerette counter. Another queue to join.
Back home with some shopping.
Then back out in hubby's new car.
The brake pedal had been fitted to the passenger foot well!
Goes round to see my friend, who fits the new parts to hubby's car.
Paid him and back home.
Picked up shopping list.
Now to to do some shopping...
The trolley wouldn't move.
We got another trolley and carried on doing the shopping.
I was tempted....
Hubby got his Gemini book....
I left it there....
It will soon be here...
Done shopping.
Back to the car we go....
Back home to unload the shopping.
While hubby puts the shopping away.
I refill the bird feeders.
Sweep the path of leaves.
We have has rain in the last 24 hrs↓
The wisteria is still growing↓
Now for some liquid lunch.
Looked in today's newspaper.
Manfred Sepse Lubowitz (born 21 October 1940), known professionally as Manfred Mann, is a South African-born musician, resident in the UK since 1961. He is best known as a founding member of the bands Manfred Mann, Manfred Mann Chapter Three and Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Happy Birthday Manfred!
Now to make some tea... 
It's done!
Smoked Salmon, Mushroom Risotto.
Now out to fetch two magic bags from Starbucks.
Then reduced food from Morrisons.
No thanks↑↑↑↑
Back home with the Magic Bags...
Reduced cake!
We caught up with James Whale.
News and newspaper review.
Sleep Tea Time.
Move fun tomorrow!


Friday 7 July 2023

A Warm Friday Feeling!

A real diplomat is one who cut his neighbour's throat without having his neighbour notice it - Trygve Lie
Welcome to the Friday Feeling 🎈🎈
Let's hope for a nice sunny day 😎
Breakfast and Brew. 
Now to leave the house...
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 💋 before I leave.
On goes the Summer hat and Summer coat.
Big big sunglasses.
I go and turn on my lights.
Gets my newspaper on the way back up.
I swap my newspaper for my big stick.
Now to turn on my other lights.
Let's go to work...🍭
Because the teacher's were on strike.
There was hardly no school traffic and only crossed under 15 this morning.
At least finished in one piece.
Ex-Plum was moaning I reported him to the CMS because he forgot to pay his maintenance on time! He wants me to remind him when to pay it.
I know what will happen if I have to remind him to pay it.....A great big F**k Off.....
He was probably refuse to pay soon, even though he has 4 months left to pay! 
Coffee time!
Has a coffee and chat with friend.
Wishes her a good weekend.
On the way home, I nip into Morrisons to get tonight's tea.
Back home.
I only have a sandwich for lunch.
I chats with hubby on his lunchbreak.
Now to do the final afternoon shift!
On goes the summer hat, summer coat,
Big big sunglasses.
Kissing the wall↓
I put on one set of lights.
Time for a Friday Feeling treat↓
I go back to Sexy Beast to collect my big stick. 
Off to the square for a rabbit with my friends.
I wish everyone a great weekend, before I start my final shift of the week.
As the Teacher's were on strike.
There was light traffic for a change and I only crossed under 18 people.
At least the sun is out!
Back home.
Brew time.
Let's enjoy a bit of Bond...
Hubby comes home and a has a sloppy wet one 💋
Tea is served.
Quick look in today's newspaper.
Finished watching Moonraker.
Now onto another one....
Great film :)
Sleep Tea Time.
Roll onto the weekend...