Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 8 August 2019

Can I Have A Lick?

The finest of pleasures are always the unexpected ones - 
Erin Morgenstern
Welcome to my Thursday.
More painting to be done later on.
But first,
Now to enjoy a cup of tea with a warm hug↓
Gives him a wet sloppy 💋 before he leaves the house...
While doing my blog,
I enjoy the last of the bread...↓
 Once done blog.
Time to paint the door arches upstairs↗↗↗
 I just finished in time for lunch↓
Second coat will go on tomorrow.
I got all the pots and pans ready for making of the evening.
I had my sleep tea delivery
I have a phone call from younger brother:
"Dad has given the BMW to Prodigal brother for the tiling of the upstairs bathroom!" 
"Oh well, I have nothing,and will get nothing!" I said.
 Goes off to work↓
 I miss out again on a↓
 I ask one of the workers for a lick of his ice cream..
He starts to choke on his ice cream.
I say to him,"Careful I can do the kiss of life on you!" 
Later on another worker said:
"I would take your away on an island, just me and you......"
I laughed and replied:
 "That isn't enough viagra in the world, plus I would kill you off in 2 weeks!"
I gets home to find my own ice-cream.
I finally find one in the bottom of the freezer↓
 I made the evening meal.
Shepherd's Pie↓
 While my hubby went to do my dad's shopping, I went off to work with some good music↓
 My late mum's favourite song came on↓
  She used to sing this at Karaoke, when we went. 
It was played at her funeral.
 I gets back.
Hubby said my dad was praising up the Prodical son all the time.
Next time, he does this, I told hubby to put some ear plugs in.
We caught up with another Louis programme.
"Off-Off Broadway"
Louis meets the hordes of out-of-work actors in New York as they try to land a part – and even goes on an audition himself, for a job on a Norwegian cruise ship, in front of Craig Revel Horwood 
Good job the washing was brought in,
As the rain started....
The Friday Feeling 🎈 will soon be here... 


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