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Saturday 10 February 2018

Adding Extra Warmth To It...

As we had a early night last night...
We were up far too early for a Saturday!
Sat in bed with a cup of tea,
Listening to the Sound of the Sixties..
 Quick play with Gear Stick.
Later on, another ride out...
Stocked up on Valentine's Day supplies
Waited for something...
 Coffee time!↓
 Nice views from the car park...
 Then off to make our Valentine Cards 💓
 At Hobbycraft.
 I waited in the little house outside....
  for my ride to .....
 Nice church on the hill...↓↓
Done a minimum of shopping to get my free coffee and magazine...
Dropped off some gardening magazines at a Charity Shop.
Looked what I picked up that was outside the shop???
That will go with my Lloyd Loom Collection!
Now to do more chop chop for tea.
We swapped the lamb for beef.
I try to add chilli flakes to it,
 the top came off,
and half a jar was added by mistake.....whoops
Everyone was moaning how hot it was except me...
I like it Hot Hot Hot!