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Saturday 30 September 2017

You Got What It Takes...

After going to bed early last night 🛏
I was up early
 (5am!!!! on a Saturday!!!)
To keep my eyes open...
Had some nice coffee...out...↓
We went home afterwards to have lunch.
Then the plan was to go on fast walk around the lake.
Then it started to rain...🌧
While waiting, we went off to ONLY look around in...↓
Some nice items for Christmas....🎅↓
If only I had room in bedroom for it....↓
 This bed would look nice in my bedroom↓
 Oh so true....↓↓↓↓
 Coffee time out again....⛾↓
The rain stopped for a short while when we got home...
↓The pink lycra went on...↓
 We did a lap of the Lake in under 30 minutes...↓
Now to add the new Dunelm red bed sheets on our 🛏 😉😉

Sunday 14 May 2017

Visiting For The First Time....

I was up like it was a weekday :(
I took the Sexy Beast out for a little ride.
Clunking coming from the back of him.
So back to the garage for him tomorrow :(
 To cheer myself up, 
I made a first visit to Dunelm....
If only my bedroom would look like this!
 (With a king size bed!)
Found a nice chair to sit in while writing my new book..... 
Someone was eager to pay for my items..


Sunday 19 February 2017

Rested & Ready To Go...

Another night in a luxury 4* hotel.
Still woke up too early for a Sunday!
I was being stalked by Henry!
Left a tip for the cleaner of our bedroom...
Hubby might have to fit a towbar and buy a trailer for the next time we go away for the weekend....
We went past Warwick Castle on the way back home...
 While I am having a week off from the wobbly work wheel...
Just need to crack the whip to get my kids to tidy their bedrooms!!!

Saturday 22 October 2016

Keeping The Stocks Warm....

No chance of a lie in this morning.
We had a early breakfast (out)
We went to Bewdley to pick up a bigger Gerbil cage.
Visited Bewdley Museum.
We had a go in the stocks....
Hubby first.....
Then me!
 Picked up some nice cake for later...
(It gives my Kenny a rest for a day!)



Monday 21 September 2015

Up Before The Crack......

I lay in bed at 4.30am, listening to my hubby snoring.
"That's it !" I said, I got up 5 minutes later.
Dressed, armed with a strong cup of coffee,
I had breakfast, and was ready for work.
The hamsters wanted to come out,
So 2 of the 3 went into their balls.
Kissed a sleeping hubby, and into the dark I went.
From 8.30am, it hasn't stopped raining.
Got wet doing second and third job!
The sun came out before the last shift,
So that saved me wearing my green wellies...
On a more positive note,
Woo Hoo
I have sold two more copies of my book
"The Diary Of An Unloved, Sex-Starved wife!"


Wednesday 16 September 2015

Getting Up Before The Sun Actually Comes Up

Welcome to Hump of The Week!
It's been a week of getting up early to do job 4.
At least the place looks tidy and smells nice.
So I must be doing a good job!
I was already to watch "The Great British Bake Off" in bed.
Got past 8;30pm, and off to Zzz I went.
At least I kept the bed warm for hubby when he got back from his snooker practice!