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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Be Bringing Out The Purple Rabbit Soon...

Welcome to my Thursday.
Nice breakfast in bed.
Out early to do loads before work.
 Out comes the big big sunglasses..
 Quick visit to the GP
(Nice view of the playing fields)
 Had a lovely takeaway Mocha from Morrisons
 Temperature going up and up ↗↗↗

 Some people walking to the Jinney Ring.
 Blue skies!!! \o/
 More lovely music for the Sexy Beast.
To Smell nice...

 Nice little treat ↑↑↑
 There was cake going...
 Perhaps a little dip in the swimming pool after work???
Had a little Dunelm Experience↓↓

 Air Ambulance flying over...↓↓

 It's getting so cold at night...
The purple rabbit onesie might be coming out soon.......🐰 

Saturday, 30 September 2017

You Got What It Takes...

After going to bed early last night 🛏
I was up early
 (5am!!!! on a Saturday!!!)
To keep my eyes open...
Had some nice coffee...out...↓
We went home afterwards to have lunch.
Then the plan was to go on fast walk around the lake.
Then it started to rain...🌧
While waiting, we went off to ONLY look around in...↓
Some nice items for Christmas....🎅↓
If only I had room in bedroom for it....↓
 This bed would look nice in my bedroom↓
 Oh so true....↓↓↓↓
 Coffee time out again....⛾↓
The rain stopped for a short while when we got home...
↓The pink lycra went on...↓
 We did a lap of the Lake in under 30 minutes...↓
Now to add the new Dunelm red bed sheets on our 🛏 😉😉