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Wednesday 28 August 2019

Extracting The Red Stuff....!

There is a crack in everything.That's how the light gets in:
- Leonard Cohen
Welcome to a sunny Hump of the Week🐫
I was up well early..
 I got dressed,
 Time for those big big sunglasses 🕶
 I picked up the newspaper↓
 I parked the Sexy Beast
 Blood Test time
 I was in for five minutes
 The barriers were up.
That has saved me £2.50 for parking.
  Back home↑
 Tea and nibbles↑
 My wool order has arrived↑
 My son's newspaper order has arrived.
He is doing 3 rounds!
I helped with putting a leaflet in his paper round for Studley.
 Light lunch↓
 Off to the happy place of work↓
 I comes back for a nice cup of coffee↓
 Leaks in Ham with Cheese Sauce↑
 Off to the final job of the week↑
 With some good music🎶
Holiday Time tomorrow.
Packed my bags already.
(I hope David Soul is driving our bus to our holiday to Blackpool tomorrow 😍)
 (It's David Soul's Birthday today.
Let's have a nice relaxing song of his to finish off the Hump of the Week) 🐪


Wednesday 26 December 2018

A Little Bit Of ABC....

“Did you ever notice that life seems to follow certain patterns? Like I noticed that every year around this time, I hear Christmas music.”– Tom Sims

Boxing Day
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
We had a nice lie-in again↓
Hubby's dad didn't have a good night's sleep on the sofa.
I said hello to Sexy Beast, while hubby made to Bacon Sandwiches for all of us..
 After we ate breakfast.
Time to bring along the great CD to listen to while we drop off hubby's dad.
I go off to do my job for a few hours.
I came back and finished making the Trifle.
I had the bird tell me the Chicken and Leek Pie was ready..
I looked up the Birthdays: 
 Henning Schmitz: German musician (Kraftwerk) is 65 years old.
Curtis Mayfield:American singer-songwriter and soul musician (Freddie's Dead, Superfly)
dies aged 57 in 1999.
 Dave Brubeck Quartet: formally disbands in 1967.
 We then watch the first episode of:
So good I bought the book off Amazon with £5 off...
Then we watched 3 episodes of "Bullseye".
The first episode, no one won the caravan,
second episode won the speedboat.
We taped the third episode
 As it was creeping over 1am before we went to bed......


Wednesday 11 July 2018

Wagging Of The Finger...

Welcome to my Sweaty Hump of the Week.
First day of two, my youngest is staying at High School. Tester for September.
I am welcoming to new parents of the new year's 5 for two days...
Hubby had the morning off to have a Man's over 40 Healthcheck. He drops off our kids at High School.
I meanwhile have a job to do...
 I have to tell 3 present parents off for parking on the zig zags. One taxi tried to park in front of me, when I had to wag the finger...
Finished in one piece.
Back home to give my house a clean..
 Now onto Job 2
Had a good dinnertime.
It's getting warm again!
 Breaking open a bottle of cold water to cool down..
 Starts the lollipop job.
Tells two parents to move off the zig zags again. These are parents who know not to park on the zig zag lines.
Finished in one piece.
Gets back home to enjoy the sunshine...
 Broke open the wine...
 I put it in the cooking...
The England match was on...
I went to bed before the match finished...
It's either going to end in tears or cheers...


Wednesday 13 June 2018

Fruit & Nut

Welcome to my dry Hump of the Week,
I got those big big sunglasses out..
The sun is coming out! 
Had a little ride to Bromsgrove.
I had fun dodging cars on the way to hospital.
I was called in, as soon as I sat down.
Gave some green blood of mine.. 
Back out in 5 minutes.
The barrier was up,
So I didn't have pay to park. 
Through the traffic chaos...
Got to Lidl in one piece...
Arm still hurting...↑↑
Got home for a bit of Fruit & Nut↓↓
Afterwards, had a play with Henry...↓
Then the house went dark...
 Then the sun came out..
 I had a nice magazine come through the post.
My friend who I normally see on Tuesday
(Due to Birthday, it was moved tomorrow)
I had a phone call saying she was took into hospital.
I got dropped off and went to see her before she was moved to another ward.
While I waited for my lift home.
There was a nice sunset in the car park.
Gets home,
Sleep Tea...
Thought about the designs I'm doing on 3 cards tomorrow before I fell asleep....