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Wednesday 28 August 2019

Extracting The Red Stuff....!

There is a crack in everything.That's how the light gets in:
- Leonard Cohen
Welcome to a sunny Hump of the Week🐫
I was up well early..
 I got dressed,
 Time for those big big sunglasses 🕶
 I picked up the newspaper↓
 I parked the Sexy Beast
 Blood Test time
 I was in for five minutes
 The barriers were up.
That has saved me £2.50 for parking.
  Back home↑
 Tea and nibbles↑
 My wool order has arrived↑
 My son's newspaper order has arrived.
He is doing 3 rounds!
I helped with putting a leaflet in his paper round for Studley.
 Light lunch↓
 Off to the happy place of work↓
 I comes back for a nice cup of coffee↓
 Leaks in Ham with Cheese Sauce↑
 Off to the final job of the week↑
 With some good music🎶
Holiday Time tomorrow.
Packed my bags already.
(I hope David Soul is driving our bus to our holiday to Blackpool tomorrow 😍)
 (It's David Soul's Birthday today.
Let's have a nice relaxing song of his to finish off the Hump of the Week) 🐪