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Wednesday 13 June 2018

Fruit & Nut

Welcome to my dry Hump of the Week,
I got those big big sunglasses out..
The sun is coming out! 
Had a little ride to Bromsgrove.
I had fun dodging cars on the way to hospital.
I was called in, as soon as I sat down.
Gave some green blood of mine.. 
Back out in 5 minutes.
The barrier was up,
So I didn't have pay to park. 
Through the traffic chaos...
Got to Lidl in one piece...
Arm still hurting...↑↑
Got home for a bit of Fruit & Nut↓↓
Afterwards, had a play with Henry...↓
Then the house went dark...
 Then the sun came out..
 I had a nice magazine come through the post.
My friend who I normally see on Tuesday
(Due to Birthday, it was moved tomorrow)
I had a phone call saying she was took into hospital.
I got dropped off and went to see her before she was moved to another ward.
While I waited for my lift home.
There was a nice sunset in the car park.
Gets home,
Sleep Tea...
Thought about the designs I'm doing on 3 cards tomorrow before I fell asleep....

Monday 12 February 2018

Pumping It Up!

Welcoming that Monday Feeling..
What better to start the day off with..↓↓
 Now to tidy up the Dining Room.
Ready for the big day ahead on Wednesday.
The card and presents have been bought and made.
The meal is ready to be cooked....
Dining Room has been transformed...
 Just need the balloons to be pumped up...🎈
(If we can find the pump that is!)

Friday 29 April 2016

Making The Most Of!!!

At last we have reached Friday!
Not a lot of Friday Feeling being passed around by the car drivers today!
Looking at me while they drive past( as I have my lollipop stick in the air!)
Oh dear.
So glad the 3 day weekend is coming up :)
My sons are having a sleep over at their Scout Hut tonight.
So what are hubby and I going to do with time together???
Hands being warmed....
I don't know who is going to be more tired tomorrow....
Getting the lock off that box of adult toys is going to be more fun...
Pass over the can of WD40 please.....