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Wednesday 11 July 2018

Wagging Of The Finger...

Welcome to my Sweaty Hump of the Week.
First day of two, my youngest is staying at High School. Tester for September.
I am welcoming to new parents of the new year's 5 for two days...
Hubby had the morning off to have a Man's over 40 Healthcheck. He drops off our kids at High School.
I meanwhile have a job to do...
 I have to tell 3 present parents off for parking on the zig zags. One taxi tried to park in front of me, when I had to wag the finger...
Finished in one piece.
Back home to give my house a clean..
 Now onto Job 2
Had a good dinnertime.
It's getting warm again!
 Breaking open a bottle of cold water to cool down..
 Starts the lollipop job.
Tells two parents to move off the zig zags again. These are parents who know not to park on the zig zag lines.
Finished in one piece.
Gets back home to enjoy the sunshine...
 Broke open the wine...
 I put it in the cooking...
The England match was on...
I went to bed before the match finished...
It's either going to end in tears or cheers...


Thursday 27 April 2017

Every Ticket Tells A Story!

Welcome to Throwback Thursday
After sorting out my sheds and garage last weekend.
I stumbled upon a matchday ticket from 2007
I went to the match with my two sons aged 3 and 2 years old.
 (James with the match day mascot)
There is a interesting story that goes with this matchday ticket.
It was 1st Dec 2007.
It was quite cold in Leicester.
James was suffering from a bad cough at the time.
We were sat in the family stand, two rows from the front.We watched the players warm up. Once the match started. We all got excited. Then James started to cough and brought up everything he had eaten that day over him and me.
There was parting of the waves
 (Home supporters)
We had to leave, I cleaned James up.
The temperature was going down, so we went back to the car, and off home.
The result of the match...
Leicester 1 - 2 Southampton. 
We haven't been to watch a match since....