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Friday 26 February 2016

Always Like A Bit Of Flash....

Welcome to Friday..
I have tonnes of that Friday Feeling to sprinkle about.
Booked in for a eye test in a week's time.
Might end up with  glasses like Olive wore in "On The Buses"!
 Counting down until the big Birthday (3 days to go)
We taped the film "Flash Gordon" last Friday.
We have got round to watching it now....
(My kids are watching it for the first time!)
(It's bad I know this film word for word)
Now back to the movie "Flash"!

Thursday 13 August 2015

I Hate You Butler!!!

Today I have been spring cleaning my written Kindle books.
I have changed the two book covers for 2 & 3.
(Now available to download).
I am still writing Sleepily Village Mysteries 5...
I want that finished by the end of the month..
Then I can give my brain a chance to rest...
 (and give my hubby a rest from trying out all these sex scenes I have been writing about)
So sad to hear about the death of Stephen Lewis ( Blakey from On The Buses):(
Anna Karen who played Olive, is the only surviving cast member still alive.