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Tuesday 22 August 2017

Pimp It Up!

A little bit of a lie in was due....
Once I got up, it was time to add the pinny..
I had some serious tidying up to do.
Dining room to do.
Coats in the hallway to sort out.
Then my mate came out for a play...
 (Not before having a cup of special coffee)
My new door mat arrived!↓
And my Meerkat dressed as Obi Wan↓
Now to pimp up my 1950's kitchen cabinet...↓
 with some filler↓
It's a good job, I put down some newspaper before I started to paint it!↓

Saturday 13 May 2017

Counting Sheep...

At last I have reached Saturday \o/
It didn't start well, when I woke too early
Played with Hubby's gear stick
some lovely tea to get me back to sleep.
Later on we went off to get some supplies for our gerbils.
Visited Homebase next door.
I felt like I was being stalked....
We got 2 of the Gerbil cages cleaned out.
Tea being served...
Going to be rubbed down with some lovely smelling lotion tonight...


Saturday 8 October 2016

Watching Me, Watching You!!

Another night of cough, cough, cough,
Early cup of tea, play with gear stick,
Then back to sleep for a bit..
Now to get rid of some cobwebs..
Out of the house...
Time to get some ideas from Homebase Sale,
I swear I am being ..
Went and got my free coffee and free newspaper...
 Now to test my sexual knowledge, back to writing the new book....

Friday 1 July 2016

Nursing Larry...

Welcome to the Friday Feeling...
Larry (my Freelander) has lost his voom voom,
So off to the garage he went to find out why he is so poorly...
Now will have to wait for it to get fixed.
Made friends with Henry the Hoover.
Got soaking wet via a unexpected rain storm during the afternoon shift
wearing my sunglasses,cap and summer coat :(
At least I had time to fit a tracker to Larry :)

Monday 6 June 2016

Using My Warm Hands....

It's the last day of my holiday.
Not for hubby, he had to go back to work ;)
Made most of the time.
Henry the Hoover came out for a quick play
Sprinkled some "Shake 'n' Vac"
My baking fingers started to itch..
So out came Kenny the Kenwood..
Ginger flavored cupcakes were the end result!
Got a busy week, I have to sort out 2 Birthdays...
Not to mention finding a Land Rover at a decent price!


Thursday 25 February 2016

Getting Hot & Sweaty...

Welcome to my Thursday...
Another hard frost overnight
Another scrape of the windscreen.
Temperatures was actually a bit warmer from yesterday at -2.5c
Thermal knickers, hats, scarves, and gloves all needed.
Did catch a few car drivers driving their tanks!
On the first shift of JOB 1
I was nearly took out by a taxi.
He stopped inches away from me :(
Played with Henry the Hoover, Mop and bucket, and the hairdryer!
We are going to re-watch the box set of "The Tudors....
It's bringing  me out in a hot sweat just thinking about it! 

Sunday 7 February 2016

Pour Me A Large One!

Today has been a testing Sunday to say the least!
Attempting to get our children to tidy their bedrooms...
I wonder where they inherited the hording from?? 
I had a quick play with my Henry the Hoover..
I tried to hunt down my Mary Berry cookbooks..
Only found one :(
Trying to organise my very small kitchen around.
Found an ideal storage solution for my cake ingredients!
To cap my Sunday off...
Hubby was unpacking the shopping ...

Thursday 24 December 2015

Shame It Missed!

One day to go...
I left out painkillers (for Santa's back), mince pie, and a pint glass of Brandy!
The Santa hat has been out and about!
 Trying to do the Big Tidy Up.
Henry the hoover came out for a play.
He accidentally knocked the DVD rack,
DVDs came tumbling down on top of me.
The only DVD that didn't hit me was..

Wednesday 16 December 2015

More Suck & Swallow!

Woo Hoo It's Hump of The Week.
It's 9 days to go until Xmas Day.
Out came the Xmas tablecloth and Xmas smelly candle.
I delivered some Xmas presents and cards to friends.
More Lego has arrived for the topping of my Xmas cake.
I now had the parts arrive for Henry the Hoover.
He can now suck and swallow a lot better! 

Thursday 26 November 2015

Getting Down & Dirty

It's Thursday time again.
Time to put on the pinny.
Housework to be done.
My warm hands were at the ready..
Henry the hoover done the stairs and landing.
Closely followed by the mop and bucket.
Mopped kitchen,hall,and bathroom.
Ran out of time to some baking....
So guess what I won't be doing tomorrow...
The Housework ;P 

Friday 6 November 2015

Enjoyed A Threesome x

At last it's Friday!
Made it out alive during the first shift of JOB 1
Got home, slipped on the pinny.
Now for a gentle play with Henry the Hoover.
Then Kenny the Kenwood joined in too!
Chocolate and Fudge cupcakes were baked.
Followed by a Indulgent Chocolate Torte.
Pinny off.
Dodging traffic on the second shift of JOB 1
No road rage incidents to report.
Now to try out a cupcake....

Monday 12 October 2015

It Will Suck Eventually!

Back on the wobbly work wheel today.
I woke up a hour early (3am)
Soon went back to sleep, and woke up a decent time (4.30am)
The Henry at JOB 1 is a bit on the old side.
He had trouble sucking up...
Quick bang on his pipes, and he carried on sucking.
He might have a upset stomach.
So a bag change and new air freshener tomorrow.
He will be like new!
I have took off the roller skates, and enjoying a filter coffee.
As you and I know its 4 jobs Tuesday tomorrow ;/

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Using my Warm Hands...

Today, I have been having loads of fun!!!
I played with Henry the Hoover,
Danced with mop while I moped the floor.
Even chilled in my garden in the lovely sunshine.,
listening to the birds sing.
Done a healthy tea
Spinach, red onion, garlic, ginger, with mince.
All wrapped in a warm wholemeal tortilla wrap.
 Now to use my warm hands on my ever willing hubby ;P


Thursday 9 July 2015

Something Warm between My Thighs...

Today I have put on my frilly apron.
I have played with my mate Henry the Hoover.
My Dining room looked like a bomb had gone off in there.
Bits of paper, double sided tape, then norm, when card making is involved!
Now its nice and tidy....
The Money Pit (Pink Princess) has gone back in for more work to be done.
So it's back to walking everywhere tomorrow
Now to start on my takeaway Chinese meal before it goes cold...

Friday 19 June 2015

You're Going The Wrong Way!

It's Friday,woo hoo!
Last day of being on the work wheel...
The Pink Princess is in the garage having work done.
So my mode of transport are my legs for the time being.
Walked back home from my Lolly Pop Job.
One mum (who I cross over,) shouts,
"You're going the wrong way, school is that way!".
Fingers crossed my car will be ready BEFORE I do my second stint of the Lolly Pop job.
So while I wait for the call...
Henry is calling to be played with....