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Friday 25 December 2015

Making The Most Of Xmas!

Woo hoo Christmas Day is finally here.
Unwrapped the presents.
Made Christmas Dinner.
My dad joined in the fun!
Still sober (2 year anniversary of being tea-total)
Having some fun with the Lego on my Xmas Cake.
Hulk realised he turned down the only chance of Nookie he could have had on Christmas Day!

"Pie Mr Hulk?" Asked Mrs Santa.
"Can I have what Santa had please?"
Hope you all have a Happy Christmas! 

Wednesday 16 December 2015

More Suck & Swallow!

Woo Hoo It's Hump of The Week.
It's 9 days to go until Xmas Day.
Out came the Xmas tablecloth and Xmas smelly candle.
I delivered some Xmas presents and cards to friends.
More Lego has arrived for the topping of my Xmas cake.
I now had the parts arrive for Henry the Hoover.
He can now suck and swallow a lot better! 

Thursday 23 July 2015

One Brick At A Time!

After last night of writing of more my new book into the early hours.
Then I attempting to act out the sex scenes (of my new book) out on my hubby in the VERY EARLY hours of Thursday morning.
I had a much deserved lie-in, whereas hubby had to get up for work, after having just about 5 hours of sleep.
So my kids got out their Lego and came up with some wonderful designs.
I took to weeding,feeding the garden (That's my excuse for fresh air!)
I told them to make sure they pick all the Lego up.....
As nothing quite hurts by standing a lone Lego brick in bare feet!....