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Sunday 23 April 2017

Now The Door Has To Come Off!

No lie in Sunday for us...
We were down at the household tip by 9am.
Then for the treat of the day...
Back home in the sunshine for more sorting out.....the sheds...
We had to take off the shed door, 
as we couldn't get the shelving unit back in otherwise
The sun was going down when we finally finished!
Then to get things ready for tomorrow.
Back to Job 1 after two weeks holiday!

Sunday 5 February 2017

Saying Hello, Wave Goodbye

Had a bit of hit and miss Sunday.
The new mattress was broken in well.
(Hubby  looking well tired)
We now have new 2 gerbils we rehomed from Pets at Home Adoption Centre
 They are in a separate cage from the others.
As we know what happens when boys and girls mix....
I heard my nan (my late mum's mum) has passed away.
She was forever being nasty to my mum 
& even nasty to me.
She couldn't be bothered to come to own daugher's funeral.
I only go to funerals of people I actually like and miss.
So my black hat is stopping here for once..


Sunday 22 January 2017

The Well Is Now Empty!

I couldn't keep my warm hands off my  hubby....
(More play of the Gear stick)
His well is now truly empty....
 I had to visit the Opticians yet again,
If I can't get on with these glasses in the next 7 days...
 They are going back....
Visited two garden centres....
Had a coffee
 Then onto the next garden centre.
It was overrun by Santas!


Sunday 25 September 2016

In And Out...

We actually got up early this morning...
One treat out of the whole month was having Breakfast out..
Even Larry came out for a ride out
Yum Yum
Once back home, I bought more school uniform for James....
Trying to dry washing on the line,
Then it  started to rain...:(
Brought it back in.
After an hour.....
Out went the washing back on the line...
All ready to mount the wobbly work wheel tomorrow.....\o/

Sunday 7 February 2016

Pour Me A Large One!

Today has been a testing Sunday to say the least!
Attempting to get our children to tidy their bedrooms...
I wonder where they inherited the hording from?? 
I had a quick play with my Henry the Hoover..
I tried to hunt down my Mary Berry cookbooks..
Only found one :(
Trying to organise my very small kitchen around.
Found an ideal storage solution for my cake ingredients!
To cap my Sunday off...
Hubby was unpacking the shopping ...