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Thursday 16 June 2016

More Fun With Larry!!!

Oh dear...
More torrid rain,
 Me getting soaking wet....again
Tried to get valve changed for Larry.
The seller failed to give me the locking wheel nuts to get my wheel off!!
He dropped them off, and disappeared.
5 minutes later, more bad news...
There was a nail in the tyre
 That made the tyre unrepairable!
Another tyre is needed!
 I really hope Larry is not going to be a future Money Pit!

Friday 10 July 2015

Sweat And Tears

Woo hoo it's Friday at last!
Last day on the work wheel...
I was walking everywhere, as the Money Pit (car) was having work done.
When I finally got to pick her up.
I said to the Mechanic,"There are sweat and tears on that money!".
Now I will be sitting on my hands for the week,
As I haven't got any money now to spend at all ;(
Now to tuck into the cake I made this morning ;/

Thursday 9 July 2015

Something Warm between My Thighs...

Today I have put on my frilly apron.
I have played with my mate Henry the Hoover.
My Dining room looked like a bomb had gone off in there.
Bits of paper, double sided tape, then norm, when card making is involved!
Now its nice and tidy....
The Money Pit (Pink Princess) has gone back in for more work to be done.
So it's back to walking everywhere tomorrow
Now to start on my takeaway Chinese meal before it goes cold...