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Wednesday 7 October 2020

Sing, Repeat x 5

Money can't buy happiness, but neither can proverty - Leo Rosten
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫 
What is going to happen today????
Let's find out....
 Brew and Hug.
It was nice to relax before doing my lollypop 🍭 job.
I gave everyone their sloppy wet πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Out I go...
Nice sunrise before I started.
More and more people are glad to see me back!
I am still wearing my winter coat...
So warm in it!
I finished in one piece.
I was glad to strip off that winter coat!
Back home to enjoy a much needed coffee↓
Back out again..
Nice new facemask to wear↓
I gets my newspaper and my neighbour's magazine...
Now to do some singing....
Reads the newspaper↓

Kevin  Godley  is an English singer, songwriter, musician and music video director. He is known as the singer and drummer of the art rock band 10cc and later as part of collaboration duo Godley & Creme with Lol Creme.
After splitting from his long-time working partner Creme, Godley forged a career directing music videos and films on his own.
  • Fine Young Cannibals – "Don't Look Back"
  • Band Aid 2 – "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
  • Wet Wet Wet – "Sweet Surrender"


  • Erasure – "Blue Savannah"
  • One World One Voice – short movie


  • Bryan Adams – "Can't Stop This Thing We Started"
  • Bryan Adams – "Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven"
  • Bryan Adams – "All I Want Is You"
  • U2 – "Even Better Than the Real Thing"


  • Garland Jeffreys – "The Answer"
  • Moodswings & Chrissie Hynde – "Spiritual High"
  • U2 – Zoo TV Concert Video


  • Frank Sinatra & Bono – "I've Got You Under My Skin"
  • Paul McCartney – "C'Mon People"
  • Sting – "Fields of Gold"
  • U2 – "Numb"


  • Blur – "Girls & Boys"
  • Bono & Gavin Friday – "In the Name of the Father"
  • Dave Stewart – "Heart of Stone"
  • East 17 – "Steam"
  • Larry Adler & Kate Bush – "The Man I Love"


  • Deep Forest – "Deep Forest"
  • U2 – "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me"
  • Whale – "I'll Do Ya"


  • Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen Jr. – "Theme from Mission: Impossible"
  • Bryan Adams – "Star"
  • Gavin Friday – "You, Me and World War Three"
  • Phil Collins – "Dance into the Light"
  • The Beatles – "Real Love"
  • Tonic – "Soldier's Daughter"


  • Forest for the Trees – "Dream"
  • Garland Jeffreys – "Sexuality"
  • James – "Tomorrow"
  • Jean-Michel Jarre – "OxygΓ¨ne Part 8"


  • Boyzone – "When the Going Gets Tough"
  • Boyzone – "You Needed Me"
  • Eric Clapton – "My Father's Eyes"
  • Helicopter Girl – "Subliminal Punk"
  • Kele Le Roc – "My Love"
  • Phil Collins – "You'll Be in My Heart"
  • Sting – "After the Rain Has Fallen"
  • The Black Crowes – "By Your Side"
  • The Charlatans – "Forever"
  • U2 – "Sweetest Thing"


  • Ronan Keating – "When You Say Nothing at All"
  • Wyclef Jean featuring Bono – "New Day"


  • Alabama 3 – "Woke Up This Morning"
  • Gabrielle – "Rise"
  • Rod Stewart – "Run Back into Your Arms"


  • Gabrielle – "Out of Reach"
  • HIM – "Pretending"
  • Marti Pellow – "Close To You"
  • U2 – "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of" (version 2)
  • Zucchero – "Baila"
  • Zucchero – "I'm in Trouble"


  • Ronan Keating – "If Tomorrow Never Comes"
  • Ronan Keating – "We've Got Tonight"
  • Scarface featuring Faith Evans – "Someday"
  • The Charlatans – "A Man Needs to Be Told"


  • The Rapture – "Sister Saviour"
  • Will Young – "Leave Right Now"


  • Bryan Adams – "Flying"
  • Haven – "Wouldn't Change a Thing"
  • Kealer – "Cry"
  • Lisa Stansfield – "Treat Me Like a Woman"
  • Ronan Keating – "Father and Son"
  • The Corrs – "Summer Sunshine"


  • Ben Adams – "Sorry"
  • Katie Melua – "Nine Million Bicycles"
  • Katie Melua – "I Cried for You"
  • Jamie Cullum – "Mind Trick"
  • Shayne Ward – "That's My Goal"


  • Brothermandude – "Automatic"
  • Keane – "Is It Any Wonder?"
  • Mojo Fury – "The Man"


  • Boyzone – "Better"
  • Snow Patrol – "Crack the Shutters"


  • Katie Melua – "The Flood"


  • Gavin Friday – "Able"


  • Elbow – "Gentle Storm"


  • Hozier - "Better Love"


  • Keane - "The Way I Feel"
He is 75 years old 🎈

   Looks across the fields of fun↓
Go in to do my thing...
Comes out to leave in Sexy Beast.
One big tune appeared to play...
Not long enough at 1 min and 58 seconds...
It was replayed a good 5 times...↓
Back home.
A much needed light lunch with more coffee.
Back out with the big big sunglasses.
The sun is out!
 Summer coat comes out!
I was nice and cool in the Summer coat.
I finished in one piece.
When I got home. 
The kitchen was out of the bounds. My middle son was baking cakes to take part in his son's bake off competition...
I had to give him some advice on it...
My younger brother phoned up and said the gold digging lady friend of my late dad's had been on the phone to him again. She commented that my Prodical brother has been banging his gums over me wanting a post mortem when our dad passed away.He thinks I wanted one to prove he didn't hurry my dad's passing!!!
I wanted a post mortem to see if there was a underlying health issue in why my late dad lost 10 stone in 4 years!!!! 
Still can't get into the kitchen..
Fish and Chips time!
While I went to my other job, hubby and son went to get more cake supplies...
I meanwhile had a big tune to listen to:
When I got back I "helped" my son finish off his cake.
"Cake being Served On A Table!".
Now to celebrate with a Sleep Tea.
I hope the sunshine stays tomorrow.


Tuesday 24 September 2019

How Do You Do It?

Writing is like sex.First you do it for love,then you do it for your friends,and then you do it for money - Virginia Woolf
Welcome to my Tuesday...
Looks like I will be needing my rain mac today...
 I enjoyed my warm hug and tea in bed.
Before everyone left the house, they all enjoyed sloppy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Once I loaded up the dishwasher,
It was coffee and vitamin C time!
 Followed by a early lunch↓
 With the rain mac on,
Time to enjoy the rain!
 Going a different way to work,
It had its dangers.
Two blind bends...
Good job the car horn was invented!
I finally arrived in one piece.
A quick glance at the newspaper↓
 It is Gerry Marsden's 77th Birthday 🎈 today.
(I have put one of my favourite videos of his at the end of this blog post.Enjoy!)
 Found another item in the car park↓
 While singing along with Gerry,
I looked across the fields of fun↓
  The rain eased my red face when I got back to my car.
I had to deal with the rain, blind bends and drivers doing only 35mph on the way home.
At least I had some music to sing along with!
I'm home!
 I enjoy a much needed coffee and nibble↓
 Then I go off to the Happy Place Of Work.
I realised it is my 5th Anniversary of working there....\o/
 The sun came out when I got back home...
 I did a early tea↓
 I had to go to the Town Hall to join a Focus Group on an updated Tenant's Handbook
 Pity I couldn't take them home↓
 I took my non-caffine fruit flavoured tea bags to drink along with a bit of cake!
 When I left the meeting,
I bumped into some Councillors I knew.
I had a quick catch up on things.
Finally got back home...
Now to work with some excellent music to sing along with↓
When I got back,
We caught up with Bake Off.
I hope I don't have a wet Hump tomorrow πŸͺ


Friday 1 February 2019

Sprinkle Time!

It's Friday! I can't wait to be ashamed of what I do this weekend - Anon
It's Friday and are we having a snow day????
 No such luck!
Just a sprinkle!
Cup of tea time...↓
 Hubby wasn't sounding too clever.
Covered in him Vicks.
All had πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ off me when they left.
Our kids didn't like the snow not falling deep..
I looked out of the window at Sexy Beast. 
 I did some tidying up...
 The hat for today↑
Liquid Lunch
 It's still frigging cold...
Leggings and Thermal knickers a must!
Pops into see my dad, watching Star Trek again.
Off to work I go really steady around the country lanes...
A quick peak at the Birthdays.. 
 Don Everly: American singer and half of the rock and roll duo "The Everly Brothers" (Bye Bye Love, Wake Up Little Susie), is 82 years old.
Linus Roache: English actor, (Law and Order,Batman Begins) is 55 years old.
 Clark Gable:American actor (Gone With the Wind, It Happened One Night) known as 'The King of Hollywood', would have been 118 years old.
Mary Shelley:
English novelist (Frankenstein), dies of a brain tumour at 53 in 1851
"Call Me" single released by Blondie (Billboard Song of the Year 1980)is released in 1980.
Now for a cold dinnertime outside...
 I had a good dinner time.
 At least the temperature is going up.
 Just gets back onto drive, and the lorry is parked over the drive again!
 Coffee time↓
 Comes back from my other job, and another lorry is parked over the drive!!
 Hubby comes back looking green.
I picked up my shopping from ASDA.
Now to use my Halogen oven
 We watched a Gordon Ramsay's show from 2010:
 It's a really good programme...
Nearly was going to watch all of it..
Until I realised the time....
No sleeping on sofa this time!