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Friday 1 February 2019

Sprinkle Time!

It's Friday! I can't wait to be ashamed of what I do this weekend - Anon
It's Friday and are we having a snow day????
 No such luck!
Just a sprinkle!
Cup of tea time...↓
 Hubby wasn't sounding too clever.
Covered in him Vicks.
All had 💋💋💋 off me when they left.
Our kids didn't like the snow not falling deep..
I looked out of the window at Sexy Beast. 
 I did some tidying up...
 The hat for today↑
Liquid Lunch
 It's still frigging cold...
Leggings and Thermal knickers a must!
Pops into see my dad, watching Star Trek again.
Off to work I go really steady around the country lanes...
A quick peak at the Birthdays.. 
 Don Everly: American singer and half of the rock and roll duo "The Everly Brothers" (Bye Bye Love, Wake Up Little Susie), is 82 years old.
Linus Roache: English actor, (Law and Order,Batman Begins) is 55 years old.
 Clark Gable:American actor (Gone With the Wind, It Happened One Night) known as 'The King of Hollywood', would have been 118 years old.
Mary Shelley:
English novelist (Frankenstein), dies of a brain tumour at 53 in 1851
"Call Me" single released by Blondie (Billboard Song of the Year 1980)is released in 1980.
Now for a cold dinnertime outside...
 I had a good dinner time.
 At least the temperature is going up.
 Just gets back onto drive, and the lorry is parked over the drive again!
 Coffee time↓
 Comes back from my other job, and another lorry is parked over the drive!!
 Hubby comes back looking green.
I picked up my shopping from ASDA.
Now to use my Halogen oven
 We watched a Gordon Ramsay's show from 2010:
 It's a really good programme...
Nearly was going to watch all of it..
Until I realised the time....
No sleeping on sofa this time!