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Tuesday 22 August 2017

Pimp It Up!

A little bit of a lie in was due....
Once I got up, it was time to add the pinny..
I had some serious tidying up to do.
Dining room to do.
Coats in the hallway to sort out.
Then my mate came out for a play...
 (Not before having a cup of special coffee)
My new door mat arrived!↓
And my Meerkat dressed as Obi Wan↓
Now to pimp up my 1950's kitchen cabinet...↓
 with some filler↓
It's a good job, I put down some newspaper before I started to paint it!↓

Friday 18 August 2017

Trying Not To Get Walked Over!

At last we reached Friday...
I was on  mission to get another outside door mat..
The one I really wanted, they didn't have in the shop,
If I wanted to buy it on-line, p&p was £4!
So back home to enjoy coffee and surf the net
Finally found a funny one!
Two bangs of Thunder,
Hailstones followed by heavy rain...
Now to dry out & enjoy some Friday Feeling with..

Sunday 9 July 2017

Treating It To Something Special....

Made the most of the sunshine 🌞
The washing was hung on the line to dry..
Got my tyre pressures checked on the Sexy Beast...
Then to do a bit of food shopping at Lidl's..↓
Followed by a cheeky visit into Dunelm..
Enjoyed a coffee and a reduced sandwich...
I got something special for our "House"..
 I have only got 2 weeks of school time left..
Then its the six week school holiday...\o/
I better grease that wobbly work wheel for tomorrow....
Time to load up the Lollipop...