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Domestic Goddess
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Wednesday 13 December 2017

Enjoying Some Law & Order...

Welcome to my Hump of the Week,
I had a treat before I went to bed last night..↓
I was actually up before my hubby.
Early coffee time!
 The ice was still out there,
As one of sons nearly slipped over :(
One of my favourite programmes were on for over 6 hours...:)
 Crumpet time!
Some light reading time as well..
 It didn't help I was having pains in my leg
and my left shoulder hurting like hell :(
Going to see the Doctor next week about my shoulder, the painkillers are not working :(
Got a delivery of:
 Hubby got some↓
Still my shoulder is throbbing :(
It's time to watch "The Apprentice" again
Back on with them tomorrow↓↓




Sunday 17 September 2017

Will They Fit My Wrist?

No lie-in  for us.
Back onto the Couch to 5k...
Felt better for that...
Then we went off to visit a Open Day at Kidderminster Police Station.
Looking at those old handcuffs, they reminded me of my own handcuffs.
Mine are more comfortable!

Friday 18 August 2017

Trying Not To Get Walked Over!

At last we reached Friday...
I was on  mission to get another outside door mat..
The one I really wanted, they didn't have in the shop,
If I wanted to buy it on-line, p&p was £4!
So back home to enjoy coffee and surf the net
Finally found a funny one!
Two bangs of Thunder,
Hailstones followed by heavy rain...
Now to dry out & enjoy some Friday Feeling with..

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Something Old, Something New!

The day didn't go too well..
Hubby went to change the kitchen bin....
The bag split open....all over the floor...
He was late for work, so I finished scooping the remains back into the bin!
Trying to get out house early,
No chance!
Made a Birthday card while waiting for kids to get ready!
Had something special delivered to my house...
However, as from last night, I have been watching one of my favourite TV programmes:
(Dalziel & Pascoe) that is being repeated on the Drama channel...