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Saturday 18 April 2020

Waiting In Line...

Living hell is the best revenge - Adrienne E Gustoff
Welcome to my lockdown Saturday🎈
I leaves sleeping beauty asleep,
goes downstairs to make the tea.
Has hug and cup of tea↓
 We had breakfast.
Got dressed.
As it was raining.
The rain mac went on.
 We go around to Tesco's.
We queue to get in↓
 I'm the next one to go in↓
 I gets my lunch and the newspaper.
Next stop to get the meat for the month↓
 The queue at Waitrose's wasn't too bad↓
 So I line up↓
 I get my free newspaper, and the free Food magazine.
Off home to unpack all the shopping.
Now to enjoy coffee and crusty bread↓
 I got some belated Easter eggs for everyone↓
 Great front cover on Private Eye↓
 Light lunch time↓
 Nap time.
Then off to do the rest of the shopping↓
 We were the only ones in Lidl to do our food shop.
We got everything.
We got home to unpack the shopping.
Time for evening meal↓
 I had abit of my Easter Egg I bought today.
 I caught up with the newspapers↓
  Mike Vickers is a British musician who came to prominence as a guitarist, flautist and saxophonist with the 1960s band Manfred Mann.
He is 80 years old 🎈 
 We finished watching season 4 of Dalziel and Pascoe↓
  Now some adult play time with hubby in the bedroom ;)

Sunday 12 April 2020

Back On The Steamy Moments!

If everything seems to be going well, you obviously don't know what the hell is going on - Murphy's Law
Welcome to my Sunday🎈
Happy Easter!🥚🥚
Up early as normal....
 Enjoyed a warm hug and a cup of tea↓
 We had a day off from the walking.
Out of the house we go↓
 We went out to stock up on some important bits.
The temperature is going up↗↗↗
 Back home↓
 The sun is shining↓
 Flowers are growing↓
 We enjoyed coffee and vitamin C in the front garden↓
 The blossom is on the Pear tree↓
 We were doing a lot of bird watching↓
  Time to eat the egg↓
 While reading the newspapers.
Read a funny bit from Piers Morgan↓
 Montserrat Caballé, Spanish soprano would have been 87 years old 🎈
 She died aged 85 in 2018

David  Cassidy was an American actor, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He was best known for his role as Keith Partridge, the son of Shirley Partridge (played by his stepmother, Shirley Jones), in the 1970s musical-sitcom The Partridge Family. This role catapulted Cassidy to teen idol status as a superstar pop singer of the 1970s.He would have been 70 years old 🎈
He died aged 67 in 2017

 Tim Brooke-Taylor was an English comedian and actor. He was best known as a member of The Goodies, starring in the television series throughout the 1970s and picking up international recognition in Australia and New Zealand. He also appeared as an actor in various sitcoms, and was a panellist on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue for almost 50 years.
He died aged 79 in 2020. 
    We had a light lunch.
Then watched a great film↓ 
 I was getting back onto writing the plot of the new book, I'm writing↓
Let's break into the Easter cake↓
I watched the update from New York↓
 We went past the deadly 10,000 deaths now :(
Pork Tea
Have I Got News For You↓
The Graham Norton Show↓
 We watched the last episode of series 3 of:
Off for another early night again ;)

No Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow. 

Friday 10 April 2020

Grabbing The Friday Feeling

Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love -
David McCullough
Welcome to my Good Friday
The Friday Feeling🎈
 The sun was coming up↗↗↗
 Had a warm hug and a cup of tea↓
 Off out for a walk↓
 Not a lot of people about↓
 The sun is shining↓
 Walking past my late dad's house↓
 On the way back from the shop.
The bus stop was out of action↓
 The replacement one↓
 Going a different way back home↓
 Back home↓
 Coffee and read of the newspaper↓
 "Sheb" Wooley  was an American actor and singer, best known for his 1958 novelty song "The Purple People Eater." He played Ben Miller, brother of Frank Miller, in the film High Noon; played Travis Cobb in The Outlaw Josey Wales; and also had a co-starring role as scout Pete Nolan in the television series Rawhide. Additionally, Wooley recorded a series of novelty songs under the name Ben Colder, notably a #6 country hit "Almost Persuaded No. 2".
Wooley is also credited as the voice actor who produced the Wilhelm scream sound effect.He would have been 99 years old🎈
He died aged 82 in 2003
Sophie  Ellis-Bextor  is an English singer, songwriter and model.She is 41 years old 🎈
   Once I had published my blog post↓
It was time for Kenny to come out and bake!
 Once cake went into oven.
Breadmaker went on too↓
 While all of that was baking.
Now to enjoy the sunshine!
 Mocha time↓
 Followed by a light lunch↓
 The Cheese & Onion loaf was ready!
 Finished making the Simnel cake↓
 Enjoyed jam on the newly made bread↓
 Watching the update from New York↓
 I caught up with our update:
Nice gammon and salad for tea↓
 We found series 3 finally.
Time for a treat↓
 We had a early night for a change...
More walking and baking to be done tomorrow!