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Monday 1 April 2024

Eye To Eye!

If only he'd wash his neck, I'd wring it - John Sparrow
Welcome to March ๐ŸŒธ
I have been so busy in March..๐Ÿ
As part of my Leap Year Birthday celebrations...
We saw Rick Astley in concert..↓↓
With Belinda Carlisle in support↓↓
We stopped in a hotel afterwards.
Pity we didn't get to stop in this room↓↓ 
Studley Stitchers did a great Pillar Box Topper↓↓
The bad news of the month was:
Hubby's vision was getting worst.
(I won't go into detail, it will make you wince)
He has to give up driving,
He is working from home.
Hopefully he will have to have the operation in late May/June.
He might have to have another operation on the good eye, as the vision is going on that one too :(
 I had a lovely Mother's Day..↓↓
We visited the NEC to look around the Craft Fair↓↓
I had lots of Easter eggs off the children before I broke up for the Easter Holidays ↓
I have been baking and helping out at the Warm Hubs this month. The Easter one I made the Rice Krispie Chocolate Treats.
 I supplied the pink rabbit.
(It didn't need batteries!)
Of course, I had to have a good egg for Easter...↓
Hopefully I will get the blog updated soon....๐Ÿซฐ


Tuesday 5 April 2022

Gloves Off!

 Some people pay a compliment as if they expected a receipt -
 Kin Hubbard
Welcome to my Tuesday ๐Ÿž
Nice warm hug.
Brew with breakfast.
Thermal vest goes on!
Nothing happened like yesterday,
So it was safe for me to leave the house!
I gives hubby a wet sloppy one before I leave.
I go and collect my newspaper with my voucher.
It gets accepted!
Woo Hoo!
Now to get ready.
One winter hat goes on without gloves!
I turn on my lights.
Now to have some fun...๐Ÿญ
Bad sign, when the first car I try and stops,
It doesn't,
BOING time!
At least it is warm enough so I don't have to wear gloves this morning.
More BOINGS given out!
I was given an Easter egg off a parent.
At least I finished in one piece.
Home time.
Coffee machine was put on.
As well as the bread maker.
Coffee time.
Wrote yesterday's blog post up until lunch time.
Bread turned out nice again :)
Soup was nice with warm bread!
Now to do part 2....
On the way, I was caught up with a road rage incident involving 2 vans.One went up to the roundabout and came back and showing the fingers at the van in front of me, then the van went about 10 m.p.h until it finally turned off into a side road!
One winter hat and no gloves.
Puts on my lights, and then it was time for a little rabbit.
A lorry was parked on double yellow lines just after where I do my job.....
I would have had problems seeing the traffic coming up the hill. It did move before I started work.
I said goodbye to my friends.
The blue sky is disappearing...
Now let's get it on....
BOING, BOING,BOING are being given out again!
Am I going to get a tap and crack before Friday??? 
Finished in one piece. 
Home time.
Now for a much needed brew!
While I put the tea in the oven,
I carried on watching...
I had a nice tea....with root mash and chicken.
Now to look into today's newspaper.
Allan Clarke is an English pop rock singer, who was one of the founding members and the original lead singer of the Hollies. He achieved international hit singles with the group and is credited as co-writer on several of their best-known songs, including "On a Carousel", "Carrie Anne", "Jennifer Eccles" and "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress". He retired from performing in 1999, but returned to the music industry in 2019. Clarke was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010. 
He is 80 years old ๐ŸŽˆ 
Gene  Pitney  was an American singer-songwriter and musician.
Pitney charted 16 top-40 hits in the United States, four in the top ten. In the United Kingdom, he had 22 top-40 hit singles, including 11 in the top ten. Among his most famous hits are "Town Without Pity", "(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance", "Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa", "I'm Gonna Be Strong", and "It Hurts To Be In Love". He also wrote the early-1960s hits "Rubber Ball" recorded by Bobby Vee, "Hello Mary Lou" by Ricky Nelson, and "He's a Rebel" by the Crystals. In 2002 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 
He died on this day in 2006 aged 66. 
On this day in the UK 1968:
Small Faces -Lazy Sunday was released.
USA No.1 on this day in 1986: 
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus
Next we watched 
Sleep tea time
Hoping for a sunny Hump tomorrow๐Ÿซ


Saturday 18 April 2020

Waiting In Line...

Living hell is the best revenge - Adrienne E Gustoff
Welcome to my lockdown Saturday๐ŸŽˆ
I leaves sleeping beauty asleep,
goes downstairs to make the tea.
Has hug and cup of tea↓
 We had breakfast.
Got dressed.
As it was raining.
The rain mac went on.
 We go around to Tesco's.
We queue to get in↓
 I'm the next one to go in↓
 I gets my lunch and the newspaper.
Next stop to get the meat for the month↓
 The queue at Waitrose's wasn't too bad↓
 So I line up↓
 I get my free newspaper, and the free Food magazine.
Off home to unpack all the shopping.
Now to enjoy coffee and crusty bread↓
 I got some belated Easter eggs for everyone↓
 Great front cover on Private Eye↓
 Light lunch time↓
 Nap time.
Then off to do the rest of the shopping↓
 We were the only ones in Lidl to do our food shop.
We got everything.
We got home to unpack the shopping.
Time for evening meal↓
 I had abit of my Easter Egg I bought today.
 I caught up with the newspapers↓
  Mike Vickers is a British musician who came to prominence as a guitarist, flautist and saxophonist with the 1960s band Manfred Mann.
He is 80 years old ๐ŸŽˆ 
 We finished watching season 4 of Dalziel and Pascoe↓
  Now some adult play time with hubby in the bedroom ;)