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Monday 15 February 2016

It's Only The First Day!!

First day of the half term holidays!
I'm off work, and have my children at home with me.
So out comes the referee's shirt, whistle, and showing a lot of red and yellow cards.
I have bags of patience and gritting my teeth a lot!
It was nice to stay a little bit longer in bed than I normally do on a weekday.
Popped into Bromsgrove.
Did our normal charity shop looking.
Then into Droitwich.
Free coffee, free magazine, great reduced food, and offers at Waitrose.
Once children had gone to bed, 
(They first had to show me how to work my own Blu-Ray machine!)
Now to watch my mate, Michael Fassbender in the film "Shame".
Wow, wow wow, yum yum (Eyes wide open!) 

Thursday 24 December 2015

Shame It Missed!

One day to go...
I left out painkillers (for Santa's back), mince pie, and a pint glass of Brandy!
The Santa hat has been out and about!
 Trying to do the Big Tidy Up.
Henry the hoover came out for a play.
He accidentally knocked the DVD rack,
DVDs came tumbling down on top of me.
The only DVD that didn't hit me was..