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Friday 6 November 2015

Enjoyed A Threesome x

At last it's Friday!
Made it out alive during the first shift of JOB 1
Got home, slipped on the pinny.
Now for a gentle play with Henry the Hoover.
Then Kenny the Kenwood joined in too!
Chocolate and Fudge cupcakes were baked.
Followed by a Indulgent Chocolate Torte.
Pinny off.
Dodging traffic on the second shift of JOB 1
No road rage incidents to report.
Now to try out a cupcake....

Sunday 18 January 2015

Cupcake Heaven.

We were invited to a Decorating Cupcake Party in Stourbridge.
The shop was decorated so lovely.
My kids were in there element decorating the cupcakes.
Our mocha and cupcakes were so Divine.
The Birthday cake was lovely too.
A great time had by all!

Thursday 18 September 2014

Making The Most Of The Time!

Hey Hey I have a precious day off
I am going to use it to the max!
Time for apron to be put on.
Kenny the Kenwood to come out
Make, Bake & Eat time!

Lemon & Ginger Shortbread
Lavender Cupcakes
Queen Cupcakes with two types of Chocolate Topping