Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 9 January 2017

Banging Of The Gums Again

After a hard night of hot,sweaty passion,
I was ready for Monday.
The first part of Job 1,
carried on from Friday.
Cars going under my lollipop stick,
And going around it,
 to avoid stopping.
 It was chaos, bedlam with a bit of Monday Madness thrown in.
Finished in one piece!
Now for coffee....

2rd part of Job 1.
Heavy rain, and they had to come out again.
Monday Madness carried on.
One parent of a blue Zafria drives and parks on the Zig Zags in front of me. 
Then as I was in the middle of the road crossing the kids over,
She started to rev her engine very loudly.
I made her wait a bit longer for that!!
Gets back on the pavement, her gums are banging loudly.
My saying thank you and putting my hand up to her for stopping.
Went down like a lead balloon.
Roll on tomorrow for more fun....


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