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Wednesday 16 August 2017

Pulling Out Too Early...

Welcome to my Hump of the Week,
I checked my lottery ticket from last night...
I had 1 main number and one lucky star = £0
Then I had the first 3 letters of the Millionaire Maker Code!
So near yet so far!
Then I had delivery from Body Shop
My hair will smell of Ginger,
My body will smell of roses,
My feet will smell of Hemp,
My hands will smell....nice!
Nipped into Asda,
I must have pulled out my card too early as my card was declined...😕
Left it in a bit longer next time...
Then my card was accepted!😥 
At least I smell nice! 


Tuesday 20 June 2017

Time To Sweat Some More...

As soon as I got up,
I started to sweat...
It's going to be a hot hot hot again...
Factor 50 suncream was rubbed in, sunhat worn and those big big sunglasses came out...
Even had a bottle of Redditch finest water to keep me cool....
 I was given the look of love 💞 by a car driver who I told off for parking on the zig zag lines..
Oooo I could feel those shooting daggers being thrown at me....!
My fanclub is getting bigger by the day...
After such a hot,sweaty, bothersome day...
Time to my

Monday 9 January 2017

Banging Of The Gums Again

After a hard night of hot,sweaty passion,
I was ready for Monday.
The first part of Job 1,
carried on from Friday.
Cars going under my lollipop stick,
And going around it,
 to avoid stopping.
 It was chaos, bedlam with a bit of Monday Madness thrown in.
Finished in one piece!
Now for coffee....

2rd part of Job 1.
Heavy rain, and they had to come out again.
Monday Madness carried on.
One parent of a blue Zafria drives and parks on the Zig Zags in front of me. 
Then as I was in the middle of the road crossing the kids over,
She started to rev her engine very loudly.
I made her wait a bit longer for that!!
Gets back on the pavement, her gums are banging loudly.
My saying thank you and putting my hand up to her for stopping.
Went down like a lead balloon.
Roll on tomorrow for more fun....


Sunday 11 September 2016

Counting To Ten....

Made the most of this Sunday...
Had a lie in....
Played with gear stick too...
Even had some sunshine!
 Had to buy some new shoes, as my trainers are off to trainer Heaven!
Even got some decent reduced food and a free coffee at Waitrose..
 The downside of today:
 The boat has docked in the Hunt for Red October...
No nookie for 5 days
 I will be .......
more angrier  than normal...grrrrrrrr

Friday 8 April 2016

Tantrums, Moods, & Sulks

We now have reached Friday...
Not much Friday Feeling around here.
There was a break in the rain.
Around the lake with my kids in tow.
Halfway round one of the kids started having a tantrum.
Still kept going with his whining getting louder...
Just gets back to the car before the rain came lashing down.
We lost 505 calories doing the 45 minute walk.
If you can lose more having a tantrum, one son lost more calories than me!
Roll on Monday, it's back to school!

Friday 1 January 2016

I Feel Pretty...

Woo hoo it's 2016!
We went to bed at 9pm.
Then I woke up at 2am.
So after watching 2 episodes of season 5 of House MD & drinking tea.
I retired back off to bed at 4.30am
Later we had brunch at Webb's.
Didn't help by having some people staring at me!!
I felt 20 pair of eyes watching me :
choosing a table
collecting the cutlery
Eating my brunch
Leaving the restaurant.
I must remove the sticker saying,"Look At Me" on my forehead.