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Friday 23 October 2015

The Removal Of Some Wisdom!!

It's Friday once more....:)
Nice lie-in until 6.30am.
Cup of tea in bed with hubby...
Only one job to do today.
Went off to the Dental Hospital about my lop sided wisdom tooth.
They had lost the x-ray from my Dentist.
So had to have another one done.
Back on the waiting list again.
Nice to pay £4.50 for the privilege to park in the hospital car park!
Roll on next January or February for the wisdom removal!

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Sick Bucket

My poor hump has been laid up in bed.
I just have enough stomach lining left.
Something didn't agree with me last night,
And it has been trying to leave...
Only did one job, (was hoping fresh air might make me feel better)
Water and dried toast has been on my menu today. 
I hope I feel better tomorrow,
I really need to get on with card making and cake making for the upcoming Birthdays.....