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Friday 18 September 2015

Get Down Tonight....

Woo hoo it's Friday once more.
I have now got off the wobbly work wheel until Monday.
The alarm will be made redundant for 2 days.
Now I make full use of husband....
I don't know who will be more tired after this weekend.
I have to get rid of my sexual frustration somehow,
So out comes the adult box of toys,gimp suit, and a small orange (vitamin C for hubby).
Now to warm up my hands....

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Roller Boots Are Getting Too Hot To Wear!!

Welcome to Hump of The Day.
I was awake just before my alarm went off.
Had a stiff coffee when I did finally get up.
Got my new job done and dusted by 7.45am.
Then off to do my Lolly Pop job!
Nice hot shower once I had finished....
Hang on, I had to do number 3 job as well....
The Roller boots are now took off,
I am letting the smoke off my feet settle down,
Before the 5.15am alarm goes off again tomorrow!