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Saturday 2 January 2016

What's In The Box??

I had a bout of insomnia this morning.
Sat with a cup of tea, writing more of my book at 4.30am.
The sooner I start back on the wobbly work wheel the better.
Relaxing, riding the hubby (a lot),relaxing too much,
isn't helping tire me out ;p
Had a big box arrive for me this morning.
Was it:
A Bulk delivery of Lube?
A Bulk delivery of Fondant Icing?
Or a new Gimp suit for hubby?
Just my Hobbycraft order, at least I won't have to buy NOTHING for my Xmas cake for next Xmas!
Speaking of Gimp suit, might have to look on the Lovehoney website for a price.....

Friday 18 September 2015

Get Down Tonight....

Woo hoo it's Friday once more.
I have now got off the wobbly work wheel until Monday.
The alarm will be made redundant for 2 days.
Now I make full use of husband....
I don't know who will be more tired after this weekend.
I have to get rid of my sexual frustration somehow,
So out comes the adult box of toys,gimp suit, and a small orange (vitamin C for hubby).
Now to warm up my hands....