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Thursday 4 October 2018

Feeling Like A SuperHero

This week is going far too quick....
It's now reached to Thursday!
Breakfast in bed time ;)
Nice bit of marmite to start the day...
Feeling like a Super Hero....
The t-shirt goes on...
 Now to use the special cup too.
 Tidied up the house again...
Is it big sunglasses weather?
Popped into see my dad and gave him his breakfast. Made sure he had his sandwiches for dinnertime.
Nice ride in Sexy Beast.
Enjoyed the peace and quiet at Hanbury Hall.
 Now to enjoying the views...
 Enjoyed the sunshine.
More blue skies 😎
 Nipped into Morrisons to pick up some bits.
Picked a more deserved take away Mocha.
I'm waiting on two more t-shirts
2 60's CDs.
As everyone was trying to keep awake by 9pm.
Bed Early for everyone....
I'm sure I will sleep through to the alarm clock going off.... 


Thursday 18 August 2016

Having A Rub Down!

Enjoying the last drops of sunshine 
 (rain is forecasted all day tomorrow!)
Popped into town,
Enjoyed my take-away coffee.
While visiting my dad's, Jack gave Larry a rub down
Paid for Scout camp for next weekend.
Kids are looking forward to it.
So are we!
Adult weekend:
 Warm hands, and other body parts will be worn out by the end of the weekend!
Need I say any more ;P


Wednesday 6 April 2016

Time To Move It!

Welcome to my Hump Of The Week!
We were just about to go for a walk around the lake.
Then it started to rain :(
So off to town instead.
Stocked up on reduced Double cream
 (making homemade Penne Carbonara for tea)
Picked up a large take away M&S Mocha...
Then off to the local Library.
I slurped on the coffee and read the print off most of the newspapers and magazines..
Signed up to earn money from walking....(The website is called Bounts)
To Earn bonus points click here
Taking information from another app I'm using, "Map My Walk".
Hopefully weather permitting tomorrow,
 I will do a few laps of the lake,
With my kids in toe, moaning all the way!


Saturday 28 November 2015

Something For Nothing (Almost!)

Woo hoo the weekend arrived by gusts of wind we had last night!
Everything was nailed down, so it wasn't blown away.
All the males in the household had haircuts this morning.
Done the food shopping.
The Dr Who quiz was cancelled at the Library :(
Still enjoyed a takeaway M&S mocha and a read of a free newspaper.
We popped into Sainsbury's and picked up a early Christmas present...
What was even better, I had £15 of nectar points to spend...
So I got Chinese takeaway and a good film for nothing ;)

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Practice Makes Perfect....!

Welcome to Tuesday.
Take-away coffee from M&S
Chill time in the Library.
Sorting out number 7 Kindle book.
Old characters,new characters, divorce,and death.
Of course one character has to die,boo hoo ;'(
But on the flip side, there is going to be lots,lots and lots of sex.
Now to practice on hubby,some of those hot,sweaty sex scenes....
Good job I have warm hands.... 

Thursday 5 March 2015

Time To Relax & Chill

Today I am in relax mode.
Crossed  64 adults and children over the road during my first job.
Then I went to look round my local shopping centre.
I soon was getting quite warm,
First the scarf came off, hat, and then jumper.
I used my Birthday present off my hubby for the first time!
It kept all the shopping in, except the bag of reduced Marks and Spencer's food.
Nice to chill with a takeaway coffee, read my favourite newspaper, and not have to worry about chocolate teapots!