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Thursday 4 October 2018

Feeling Like A SuperHero

This week is going far too quick....
It's now reached to Thursday!
Breakfast in bed time ;)
Nice bit of marmite to start the day...
Feeling like a Super Hero....
The t-shirt goes on...
 Now to use the special cup too.
 Tidied up the house again...
Is it big sunglasses weather?
Popped into see my dad and gave him his breakfast. Made sure he had his sandwiches for dinnertime.
Nice ride in Sexy Beast.
Enjoyed the peace and quiet at Hanbury Hall.
 Now to enjoying the views...
 Enjoyed the sunshine.
More blue skies 😎
 Nipped into Morrisons to pick up some bits.
Picked a more deserved take away Mocha.
I'm waiting on two more t-shirts
2 60's CDs.
As everyone was trying to keep awake by 9pm.
Bed Early for everyone....
I'm sure I will sleep through to the alarm clock going off.... 


Wednesday 12 July 2017

Vegetable? Animal? or Mineral?

Welcome to my Hump of the Week.
Had my new blue Superman t-shirt on for a desired effect..
To cap it off, out come the lollipops....
After the good compliment I had yesterday,
I was in good mood 🎈
So this morning I welcomed a visit of the new Year 5's and their parents.
One parent was having difficulty crossing the road.
All I said was:
"Excuse me, if you would stand there, I can cross you over."
She did that.
I crossed her over with her children.
Then she said to me:
"I'm not an animal!!!"
I was only thinking of her and her children' safety of getting over the road in one piece!
Before she came back, I had finished \o/
Now to enjoy the sunshine, coffee and picnic in my local park...before Job 2
Nowt funny than folk me thinks...