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Wednesday 26 September 2018

Deutsche Uberraschung

Welcome to Hump of the Week.
The time is to hand the cake in,
So it can raise funds for a good cause...
 Breakfast first.
Gets the finished cake out of the fridge.
Puts it carefully into the cake box.
Now for drop off.
 Drops the cake off.
The teachers were well pleased with my effort.
*My entry for a European theme cake for Macmillian Fund Raising*↓↓↓
 Back home for some strong coffee and vitamin C
 Wow the sun has come out,
Big big sunglasses time!
 Some nice Disco tunes to get in the mood...
 Help, help I'm lost↑
 I showed off a good t-shirt.
It's getting very warm...\o/
 Enjoyed some fruit and nut....↑
I caught up on some :
 and rewatched
 I will find out tomorrow how much my cake raised and if I won the cake competition.
Jack brought back the empty cake boards.
He says everyone enjoyed eating my cake, and some went up for seconds!
I'm getting better at this baking lark! 

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Having A Bun In The Oven....

I kept my brain warm overnight.
Gave everyone a 💋 before they left.
Having a important coffee...
 Looked at the recipe...↓

 Got Kenny out for a quick play....
 While it went into the oven...
I had a nice book delivered...
Giving me plenty of ideas..
Liquid Lunch...🍴
Blueberry, Lemon, & Mint Drizzle cake
more coffee...
Did more internet surfing to get more craft supplies....
Then it was time for chop chop....
Chicken with White Wine, Shallots & Tarragon. 
Here it is dished up...
 After all my baking and my cooking today, 
Time to watch someone bake
Stand Up To Cancer Bake Off 2018 
All ready for a bit of Hump tomorrow ;)

Thursday 11 May 2017

Speak Up Please, I Am Wearing Big Big Sunglasses

Another sunny day ahead..
Those big big sunglasses are put to some use.
I heard my Kenny the Kenwood whimpering in the corner of my Dining Room.
I let him out for a little play...
The result of the play!
(Coffee & Walnut cupcakes) 
Even let my creative fingers do some work..
 I went to our local PACT meeting.
After I had my say, the meeting finished after 25 minutes....
Time to grab the rain mac!


Monday 12 December 2016

Patter Cake,Patter Cake....

Back on the final week on the wobbly work wheel
I had a nice dark start for my Job 1
 Parents still parking on the Zig Zags.
 Now to make the Scouts cake...
Play with a bit of fondant..
Getting there..
Finally finished!
It's called "Cheeky Scouts "
(They are wearing sunglasses
After being in the cold,their noses have turned blue..
They are sticking their tongues out....)

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Patter Cake, Patter Cake....

Today I have had to put up with sunshine and showers.
Not good as I work outside....
Time to play with some fondant icing..
I needed more green...
Out came the green food colouring, and blue gloves..
I thought it will only take a few hours to cover the cake,
Add Happy 11th Birthday on it, and I will be finished by 5pm...
I finally put my head on the pillow about 11.30pm.
Just really hoping the rest of the bits for the cake comes tomorrow.....

Tuesday 12 April 2016

The Smell Of Cake Is Back!!

Woo hoo we have reached Tuesday.
As the sun was shining,
Kids were at school.
I went for a walk around the near-by lake.
Done 1.42 miles in 32 minutes...
I will get it under the 30 minute mark soon...
Kenny the Kenwood came out for a quick play.
Coffee and Walnut cake made.
Followed by:
Spicy cupcakes with melted chocolate on top.
Be back on the trend mill tomorrow!